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July 03, 2015

Unless you are doing a startup. Then you are working through the weekend. This songs for you. Working for the Weekend

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Why Your Startup Also Needs a BizOps Team

Jordan King

"BizOps is PM for your Business Model"

How to Recruit a Technical Co-Founder

Alex Capecelatro

We get so many submissions on recruiting CTOs so we don't usually feature them. We also definitely disagree with, "Most CTOs I’ve met are terrible fundraisers." and felt the author was bragging about, "I’ve been on Fox Business, written up in TechCrunch and Forbes, featured in Fast Company and Entrepreneur Magazine, etc, etc, etc.", but we did like, "Being a good CEO means product development, ideation, creative problem solving and offering thoughts on how to architect the solution." 

The Three Types of “Second Seed” Rounds

Hunter Walk

"Maybe they want to hit some quantitative milestones which will give them better terms. Or, even better, they have some hypotheses to test out and prove before they feel comfortable committing to an extended plan."

Search, Discovery and Marketing

Benedict Evans

"One of the clearest places to see this problem of ‘too much’ is Yelp. I’ve been fascinated by how many companies are effectively trying to unbundle Yelp, despite that fact that (unlike Craigslist) it’s a modern technology company that does most of the things one would expect it to."

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