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July 08, 2016

This week: smart jewelry for safety, workplace wearables, and fashion tech.

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Smart Jewelry Startup, Leaf, Wants to Keep Women Safe

Economic Times

SAFER smart jewelry by Leaf Wearables is the first in India to introduce the concept of wearable technology for safety. In a country where increasing cases of crimes against women are reported each day, safety has become a top priority. 

Fit, Happy and Productive: How Wearables Are Radically Transforming the Workplace


Wearables are changing the workplace by helping increase collaboration, keeping us safe, and making us happier, fitter and more productive. Check out the article for details!

The Future Of Fashion: 10 Wearable Tech Brands You Need To Know


Here's a comprehensive, bookmark-worthy list of companies making waves in fashion tech, and more specifically the area of smart garments/accessories, including Levi's x Google Jacquard, Wearable Experiments and Zenta which we have previously featured on this digest.

Wearable Tech for the Disabled

Third Wave Fashion

The folks at Third Wave Fashion highlight a number of wearables designed specifically for or that can be used by the disabled such as The Bradley timepiece, Glucowear and The BRUISE suit injury detector.

The Month In Wearable Tech


Paul Lamkin covers a few wearable tech updates from June, including a sneak peak at Samsung Gear S3, issues at Basis, and Bose's new fitness earphones.

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