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July 01, 2016

Hello FinTech Enthusiasts,

Here is the latest edition of our FinTech Digest. This week's highlights include the latest Brexit insights and some interesting statistics on Apple Pay. Enjoy the read and let us know if you have any ideas, questions or feedback.


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Apple Pay’s Tough Twenty Months

Karen Webster

It’s been nearly two years since Apple Pay was launched. Interesting reflection on the product and its impact, adoption and frequency of use.  

What is fintech and why does it matter to all entrepreneurs

Jens Munch

‘Fintech’ is a phrase increasingly banded about in the media and in technology circles. Yet despite being in vogue, it’s a term many – including tech savvy and clued up entrepreneurs – don’t quite have a handle on.

The best #Brexit insights including #Fintech, #Blockchain and more

Chris Skinner

A week and one day ago we learned about Britain's decision to leave the EU. This articles summarizes the many views and insights published so far on its impact on the Fintech industry.

Goodbye, Password. Banks Opt to Scan Fingers and Faces Instead

Michael Corkery

Some of the US largest banks, acknowledging that traditional passwords are either too cumbersome or no longer secure, are increasingly using fingerprints, facial scans and other types of biometrics to safeguard accounts.

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