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July 08, 2016

Every week we highlight 4 of our favorite articles about startup communities around the world and the great people that lead them.

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Beloit: An Emerging Tech Hub in Southern Wisconsin

Matt Cordio - Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel

Startup communities come in all shapes and sizes. No really, all shapes and sizes. Here's how this town of 37,000 has been making some big moves.

How Italian And Spanish Startups Are Taking Advantage Of European Funding And Innovation Programs

Frederico Guerrini - Forbes

Here at the communities digest we believe in the power of entrepreneurship in progressing the world through all of its ups... and downs. Some of the most prolific startups originated amidst and grew out of economic down cycles. 

In push to diversify tech, Kapor Center opening in Uptown Oakland

Kevin Truong - Techflash

We really love seeing things like this happen. 

A Big Challenge Facing Tech In The True North

Kyle Treleaven - betakit

Brain Drain. We all fear it, and guess what, we pretty much all face it in a market so starved for experienced talent. 

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