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July 10, 2015

The latest news about growth and innovation within the enterprise space.

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What Is Zero UI? (And Why Is It Crucial To The Future Of Design?)

Fast Company

"It's all about getting away from the touchscreen, and interfacing with the devices around us in more natural ways: haptics, computer vision, voice control, and artificial intelligence. Zero UI is the design component of all these technologies, as they pertain to what we call the internet of things."

Google Just Made It Super Easy To Build a Website With Material Design


"Material Design Lite. In simple terms, it’s a library of components that will make it very easy to apply Material Design elements to standard old HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. The library includes all sorts of page elements: Cards! Click-sensitive menus! Gem-toned buttons! Lovely little physics-enhanced toggles!"

3 New Kinds of Battery That Just Might Change the World


"Those feeble plastic and glass exoskeletons are nowhere near as important as the batteries that power them. Which is why the race to a better battery is fueled by insane hype—threaded with genuine innovation."

Yup, BlackBerry is now a software company


"Blackberry of Waterloo is now a software company, not a phone company. And its “win” column for its fiscal first quarter 2016 is full of licensing, enterprise customer, and cross-platform management successes."

Google designed a new wearable that allows doctors to monitor patients away from the hospital

The Next Web

"The company has developed a wrist-worn device laced with sensors to give physicians detailed information on patients in real-time, even when they’re away from the hospital.The device can measure heart rhythm, pulse, skin temperature and environmental concerns like exposure to light and noise levels."

Facebook Is Co-Developing A 200 MW Texas Wind Farm To Power New Data Center

Clean Technica

"The wind farm, which is also under construction on 17,000 acres of land about 90 miles from the data centre, is being developed in conjunction with Citigroup Energy, Alterra Power Corporation, and Starwood Energy Group."

Google gets car-pooling service into gear

The Irish Times

"Google has thrown its hat into the hotly contested ride-sharing ring, launching a car-pooling service called RideWith. The service, which went live this week, is being trialled in Israel, through the navigation app Waze, which Google bought for $1 billion in 2013."

Here’s Microsoft’s $140 PC on a stick

The Next Web

"The pocket-sized Splendo can connect to TVs and monitors via HDMI. It’s powered by an Intel Atom quad-core processor with 2GB RAM and includes 32GB of onboard storage.It also features a MicroSDXC card slot and ports to plug in USB and Micro USB peripherals, as well as support for wireless devices over Bluetooth 4.0."

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