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July 15, 2016

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US Google Search Spend was Flat, but Mobile Spend Jumped 55 Percent in Q2


Smartphone ad spend grew 55 percent year over year; smartphone CPCs remained 50% of desktop.

How ‘Pokémon Go’ Took Over the World


While the game was developed by Google spinoff Niantic, Nintendo investors are celebrating the company’s involvement regardless, sending its stock up over 20% as they cheer a rare success in smartphone gaming. (Nintendo is a part owner of both Niantic and Pokémon’s license owner.)

Putin Signs Controversial Anti-Terror Measures into law


The measures by the Russian government will boost the surveillance powers for the security services by requiring Telcos to store users' calls, messages, photographs and videos for six months, as well as metadata for up to three years.

T-Mobile Gives Customers Free Pokémon Go Data


Very smart marketing move for T-mobile going after the Millennial. 

Mastercard Has a New Way for People to Pay via Their Android Phones


Mastercard and 17 banks teamed up Thursday to let customers pay for stuff using bank apps on their phones. Citi, Bank of America, Fifth Third Bank and KeyBank are among the institutions adding mobile payments -- the ability to wave your phone or smartwatch at a payment terminal to make a purchase -- directly to their apps. 

Messaging app Line soars in largest tech IPO of the year


"It's a near-monopoly messaging platform in Japan," Atul Goyal, an analyst with Jefferies, wrote in an investor note this week. "This position is similar to that of Tencent (China), Kakao (Korea), and Facebook (Western markets)."

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