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February 10, 2017

Welcome to this week’s Startup Digest! Let’s get into it:

Post #1: Our first article focuses on funding your business. Rather than funding your own business, it provides 3 ways to get other people to fund your business. Around 80% of business are self funded but for you remaining 20% who can’t get funding, this article will be helpful.

Post #2: If you’re still looking for ways to get funding for your small business, you’ll want to check out this post. This post comes from our friend over at Succeed As Your Own Boss, Melinda Emerson. She’s interviewed Marc Prosser, co-founder and publisher of Fit Small Business. See what they had to say.

Post #3: Our 3rd post comes from our friends over at Kabbage. The topic is financial management, and provides 4 ways to benefit your business. Why should you strive to handle your company’s finances better? Find out why.

Post #4: CorpNet’s provided an answer to an interesting question with this post. What do you call your employee? Do you have set job titles and how do you come up with them. If you want to find out whether to call your employee an associate or representative, or just to find out how to come up with job titles, check out this post.
Post #5: Here’s a post on press releases and their relevancy in 2017. While you may think they are a thing of the past, there is still plenty of value in using them as part of your marketing strategy. In fact, this post provides 9 reasons why you should invest time in them.

Post #6: Our final post comes from Fit Small Business. This piece focuses on lead scoring and identifying the best leads using SAP Digital CRM. If you want to learn more about Lead Scoring or what SAP Digital CRM can offer, check out this post.

You’ll find some incredible sites to bookmark on this list. Thanks for taking the time to read our Startup Digest. Happy reading (and bookmarking). See you next week!

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Marc Prosser

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Michael Heiligenstein

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We surveyed nearly 700 founders of tech startups from around the world to gain insight into the challenges they face when working to build a diverse and inclusive company. Diversity Leaders take key steps in specific areas to create an inclusive environment: Mentoring and advising, hiring practices, professional development, pay and performance, and flexible benefits. Learn how you can become a Diversity Leader.

3 ways to get other people to fund your business

Kristian Rivera - GoDaddy

About 80 percent of small businesses are self funded, according to Entrepreneur. That means the majority of owners put up their own money to get things off the ground. But what if you’re part of the 20 percent that can’t fund your business yourself? Have no fear. You can still start your own company without having to put in money.

How? You just need to find the right investors.

And there are three effective ways you can do that: crowdfunding, connecting with angel investors, and asking family and friends. Here are the tips you’ll need for each approach.

How to Get Funding For Your Small Business

Melinda Emerson - Succeed As Your Own Boss

Every week as SmallBizLady, I conduct interviews with experts on my Twitter talk show #SmallBizChat. The show takes place every Wednesday on Twitter from 8-9 pm ET. This is excerpted from my recent interview with Mark Prosser. 

4 Ways to Benefit Your Business with Better Financial Management

Kabbage - FitBiz Loans

Most businesses strive to increase their profits. As an entrepreneur, you might decide that the best way to increase profits is to increase revenue. At the same time, your company’s growth won’t always depend upon increased revenue. In fact, taking in more money won’t always guarantee a profit at all. However, managing your company’s finances better can help you boost profits without even having to increase your revenue. In some cases, managing finances well can even make the difference between a profit and a loss.

Should I Call My Employee an Associate or Representative?

Jeanne Grunert - CorpNet

According to Fast Company, 80% of companies they surveyed use job titles to demonstrate an employee’s position in the company hierarchy. And 92% use job titles to define an employee’s role within the company.

Perhaps even more importantly, job titles can be used as recruitment tools. Since small businesses often struggle to recruit and retain employees, using job titles to find and attract potential applicants is a great tactic. The same Fast Company survey found that only 37% of companies think of using job titles as a recruitment tool, so using this tactic can give small businesses a competitive edge.

Do Press Releases Still Matter in 2017? 9 Reasons Why You Should Invest Time in Them

Maggie Aland - Bulldog Reporter

Press releases may sound old fashioned, but they still have a place in today’s high-tech news world. Even though we can get our news 24/7 through nearly any medium we like—television, radio, internet—there’s still a place for the press release in your marketing and communications strategy.

The key to using press releases effectively is to focus them on newsworthy events. A press release is great for sharing timely, relevant news such as an event, a product release or a website launch. The best news of all is that journalists still look for press releases for news stories, albeit in a different way than they did two decades ago when print still ruled the world.

Lead Scoring: Simple Steps To Identify The Best Leads

Jeremy Marsan - Fit Small Business

Lead scoring is a way to automatically identify prospects most likely to buy. Using a combination of factors that measure level of interest and quality of fit, a lead scoring system automatically sorts your leads from hottest to coldest.

For example, if you use email marketing, you can score leads based on if and how often they read your emails. In this guide, we show you how to set up your own lead scoring system, including how to automatically track email opens, link clicks, and more using SAP Digital CRM.

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