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Youth Entrepreneurship Reading List

May 29, 2015

I hope you are inspired and charmed by this week's collection of young entrepreneurship news.

Youth Entrepreneurship Reading List Startup Digest is curated by:
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hackEDU is a program powering innovation at schools all over the nation through coding clubs that help teach high school students how to code. 

Adora Svitak Interview: Tiny Literary Giant at 12

 Adora Svitak is a twelve year old (at time of publication) girl who has published two books and is a public speaker for young authors. She has been writing her whole life, and is a role model for those who find verbose skills at a young age. The article is primarily an interview with her, sharing her insights into young success and how to not let age stop you from your dreams.

25 Self-Made Teenage Millionaires Have These Seven Things in Common

We've seen the stories of some of the world's best and brightest young budding minds. With such vast differences, each feels like an individual story, though this article reminds us that there are things in common in the brightest minds. Some of these qualities are out of our control, but some of these qualities can be taught and applied to improve lives at any level of age or entrepreneurship.

What Does it Take to Be Young and Successful

Reading about young successful Entrepreneurs can sometimes be daunting and awe-inspiring, since we all question 'how did they do it?' This article is a basic how-to guide taken from interviews of those who have done it on what they did and how it helped them. It's fantastic advice for those who aren't afraid to fail.

9 Amazing (Very) Young Entrepreneurs

Again, the article makes a list of amazing young business owners. However, this article outlines those who took (more) common ideas and put enough heart into them to make them uncommonly successful. These brains are those who are on their way to making a difference and being successful, even without millions of dollars of worth.

40 young people who became millionaires before they were 20

This article gives a list of 40 young people who had million-dollar ideas while still in their teens. Instead of showcasing those to which business success was a windfall, the list is dedicated to hard work and perseverance. The list gives kudos to the brilliance and dedication it takes to deliver young success.

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