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March 11, 2016

Always a pleasure to highlight a startup we come across that we believe will help our audience. Take a look at Their service is useful as you grow your startups and need to integrate various services to improve customer acquisition, follow-up, and a bunch of other activities. In fact, it's useful for companies of any size.

Enjoy this week's reads.

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What to Expect in Your Fund Raise Process

Suranga Chandratillake

"Sometimes an investor who has been tracking a company closely (in some cases they are already an investor, in other cases, not) will pre-empt a fund raising process. Nakedly, this is because they are excited by your company and want to own part of it before it gets bigger or is better known. You need to decide if this aligns with your needs too."

The Watney Rule for Startups

First Round

"The data shows a change in the market and calls into question the implicit bet that many founders have made over the past few years. Founders (and their investors) have assumed that their ability to access follow-on funding will remain fairly consistent and that the sole metric that matters is growth."

Authenticity In Leadership

Tomasz Tunguz

"Each leader has a different leadership style. Some ebullient storytellers, bellowing a goosebump-inducing vision on stage to enrapture their teams. More understated leaders from behind laud the accomplishments of their teams, using other voices to captivate. Still others challenge, demand and push. They all lead."

Spend Time with A+ People in Other Industries

Hunter Walk

"From my experience you’ll find that many of them are open to chatting because they’re happy to talk about what they do and want to learn more about technology. So the quid pro quo is that you go to their office, or set up a call, and say 'Hey, if you’ll give me 20 minutes to talk about what you do, I’ll share some ideas and trends about where tech may be impacting your industry.'"

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