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February 12, 2016

VC’s Bryce Roberts of OATV and, and Chris Marks of Blue Note Ventures both found the standard issue of the VC world was not a fit for them. They both sought out to set a new path, one that aligned with who they are and what they value. In the most recent episode of the Reboot podcast, they explore the challenges on their journey, and the potential opportunities they have to better connect with entrepreneurs through those challenges. This conversation may leave you asking yourself: In my own work, what are my values? What are my priorities? What would it mean to invest in being myself?

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Sarah Jane Coffey

Sarah Jane Coffey - Reboot

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Are You a Leader, or Just Pretending to Be One?

“A leader’s fundamental role isn’t merely to perform the same tasks as yesterday, just more efficiently; it is to redefine the idea of performance entirely.“

Red, Yellow, Green: Bringing Personal Check-Ins to the Office

Full Contact CEO Bart Lorang on how they implemented the red, yellow, green personal check into their culture. 

Huge study finds that companies with more women leaders are more profitable

“Having at least 30% of women in leadership positions, or the “C-suite,” adds 6% to net profit margin.”

BTDT Short: As a Founder/CEO, ‘Badass’ Is the Last Thing I’m Interested in Being

Pivotdesk CEO David Mandell on how adapting the personal mantra, “Every day, forward.” helps him to keep making progress, even when leadership is challenging and stressful.

We got 10 CEOs to tell us their one killer interview question for new hires

Not only are these pretty great interview questions, several of them would also work as journaling prompts. 

These Are The Best Employee Benefits And Perks

Interesting peek at what some companies with high benefits ratings from employees on Glassdoor offer. 

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