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August 26, 2016

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Naval Ravikant on China Money into Silicon Valley: This Trickle Could Become a Tsunami

Connie Loizos - TechCrunch

- AngelList, the online platform that matches startups with early-stage investors, has grown by leaps and bounds since its 2010 founding — and so have its ambitions. In fact, the company, which already bills itself as both the biggest seed-stage firm in the world, and the world’s largest hiring platform for startups, also aims to become the biggest venture fund in the world.

12 Ways to Give Time Back to Others and to Yourself

Alex Iskold -

- Time is one of the things we, unfortunately, can’t get more of.
As the amount of information we have to deal with is accelerating, our time seems to be shrinking. Here are 12 ways for giving back, and being respectful of, other people’s time.

PayPal’s New Digital Payment Service To Make Payments More Convenient And Personalised For Freelancers And B2B Sellers

Shweta Modgil - Inc24

- In yet another move to tap the burgeoning digital payments space in the country, digital payments player PayPal has announced the launch of– a new peer to peer payment feature which allows receiving payment via the click of a link in a fast, convenient and personalised way.

Is Europe Increasingly Irrelevant When it Comes to Technology Innovation

Anand Sanwal - CB Insights

- Angry panda says...Alright - this might offend parts of a large continent.
We're working on a data-driven analysis of why Europe is increasingly irrelevant when it comes to technology innovation, and as we dig in, we're uncovering interesting data (some of it relates to our analysis and some are just interesting).

Deal of the Week: Grabr

Sindy Nanclares -

- Grabr, a startup that allows users to request travelers to bring them rare finds from all over the world, announced today that it scored a $3.5 million seed investment.

Global Startup Battle is Now Global Startup Weekend and It's Back This November!

- More than 15,000 entrepreneurs will come together for over 200 events November 11-13 & 18-20 for Global Startup Weekend!

Global Startup Weekend (GSW) is the same initiative you know and love, just by another name and with a few changes. The biggest shift this year is the removal of the post-weekend video competition and the addition of new and exclusive startup resources for you! Want to bring GSW To Your City?

Millennials and the Platform Economy

Emily Fetsch - Kauffman Foundation - Growthology

- The emergence of the platform economy in the past decade has coincided with the maturation of large numbers of millennials into adulthood. Both millennials and the platform economy are emerging in ways that will shape the future economy for decades. As Millennials are becoming an increasing part of the adult population; how does the platform economy impact their path to economic independence?

Remember operator billing?

Operator billing was once thought to be the perfect mobile commerce platform. But for various reasons, it failed to pick up traction. Learn why, and find out about the new future of m-commerce, here.

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