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Venture Capital Reading List

July 03, 2015

Here are the top articles and videos about venture capital from the last week.

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Peter Marculans

Peter Marculans - Program Manager of Startup Next at Techstars

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Loyalists vs Mercenaries

Fred Wilson - Union Square Ventures

Fred Wilson explains why loyalists on startup teams are so valuable, and what are the factors that are important to them.

Crystal Balls vs. Calculators

Josh Kopelman - First Round Capital

Josh Kopelman from First Round shares their quarterly letter to limited partners, where they discuss the current state of VC market and how that impacts their strategy.

Back at the Table: Public Market Investors Return to VC

Will Quist and Lindsay Sharma - Industry Ventures

Here's a look at why public market investors have returned to the VC market and how that impacts the VC landscape.

As More Tech Start-Ups Stay Private, So Does the Money

Farhad Manjoo

A New York Times article explaining why most of the startups are "going public in private markets" and delaying their IPOs.

A visual summary of VC activity in 2Q 2015 [Infographic]


Here's an infographic of VC activity in 2Q 2015 covering rounds & valuations, exits and VC funds.

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