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July 22, 2016

A focus on student making - What does it look like when done well? What are the pitfalls to avoid?

A sidebar on global education technology - $30,000 competition funding opportunity and a look at India's education technology companies

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These students are fixing school Chromebooks - and getting paid

Brianna Calix - eSchool News

In a true win-win fashion, high school students receive both a technical education and a part-time job, while districts get affordable hardware repairs. 

Beyond the Genius Bar: Cultivating Leadership With a Student-Led Tech Team

Laura Busch - EdSurge

In another model for student led tech, a school in Wisconsin's program has the following elements:

- Student led tech-committees like "iPad consultants" and "Newscast directors" which not only serve school technical needs, but also creative needs
- Student application process + selection of students for committees beyond the "usual suspects"
- Focus on developing the 4 C's of communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity

3 Challenges As Hands-On, DIY Culture Moves Into Schools

Eric Westervelt - nprED

There's a lot of hope surrounding student led tech and "making", as the previous articles illustrated, but there are challenging questions as well.

1. How can schools that embrace making need to find a thoughtful place for maker projects in the school's curriculum?
2. Will a pedagogic approach to "making" suck the joy and soul out of it?
3. How can we ensure that making is not just the purview mostly of middle- and upper-middle-class white kids and white teachers whose schools can afford laser cutters, drones or 3-D printers?

[Funding] [Competition] Global EdTech Startups Awards 2016 Applications due July 31st

3rd year of the  Global EdTech Startups Awards.

Competition Criteria
1. Answers an actual pain
2. Has an innovative pedagogical aspect
3. Has an outstanding user experience
4. Has growth potential
5. Has a sustainable business model

1st Place - Up to $30,000
1st-3rd Place - Access to EdTech incubators and accelerators around the world

Deadline: July 31st

10 emerging edtech startups of India

Madanmohan Rao - Your Story

Here are their names:
1. Plastic Water Labs
2. ToT Smart Education
3. Entri
4. Walnut Knowledge
5. XPrep
6. Dost Education
7. Gyan Labs
8. Katalyst Eduserve
9. Edudharma
10. Urros Education

*Shoutout to community member Pranjal Jain for this article suggestion!

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