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China Tech Reading List

September 27, 2015

Weekly news and insights about startups and innovations happening in China.

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Businesses, not government, to spur consumption in China: Alibaba's Ma


"Consumption is not done by government. Consumption is done by entrepreneurship and (a) market economy. So I think people like us have a great opportunity. Now it's our turn. Not the government's turn," Ma said in a videolinked talk at the Stanford Business School in California.

Microsoft makes Baidu a big piece of Windows 10 in China

Rich McCormick - The Verge

 The deal will make the default homepage and search option for users of the Microsoft Edge browser in the country, will add an easy way for Baidu's 600 million-plus users to upgrade to Microsoft's new operating system, and will introduce universal Baidu search, video, cloud, and map apps to Windows 10.

Apple Confirms Discovery of Malicious Code in Some App Store Products

Katie Benner - NYT

Apple confirmed on Sunday that a tool used by software developers for the company’s devices was copied and modified by hackers to put bad code into apps available on the App Store.

Xiaomi Announces Impressive $200 Smartphone And Prepaid Mobile Services In China

Jon Russell - TechCrunch

Alongside its push to sell wearables and smart home devices, a move into mobile services is a way to strengthen its brand among customers and pick additional revenue.

Chinese president Xi Jinping meets US tech leaders


China and the tech giants both need and fear each other. The technology firms know it is where their future profits should come from. For China, demand for American technology products is what keeps millions in manufacturing jobs.

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