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Mobility & Transportation Reading List

February 05, 2016

Enjoy this week's selection of articles.
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Timo Hoffmann - Product Marketing Manager EMEA at Miovision

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Can Fractional Car Ownership Work?

Connie Loizos (@cookie) - Techcrunch

There currently is a paradigm shift regarding the ownership of cars. Techcrunch looks at a startup called Orto that is entering the business of fractional car ownership. 

Using the crowd to make cars smarter


An approach to crowdsource awareness to make cars smarter.

Hyperloop: MIT students win contest to design Elon Musk's 700mph travel pods

The Guardian

News regarding the Hyperloop. Well worth including here... there's a bunch of news articles all about the Hyperloop competition, e.g.

Schools to train drone pilots on rise in China

The Times of India

Drones have a great potential for many aspects in logistics and mobility. This article gives an overview over the rise of drone pilot schools in China. 

The Transformation of Queens Boulevard, Block By Block

Streetfilms - Vimeo

Urban infrastructure can change, needs to change, will change. Streetfilms did a video detailing the transformation of a notorious NYC boulevard into a more livable street.

How will driverless cars work during a Chicago snowstorm?

Brian Fung - Washington Post

Sensors for driverless cars are pretty good at "normal" conditions. How about a snow storm? This article tries to sort things out and give a status update for this huge issue of autonomous vehicles.

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