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I am in Shanghai right now for the Global Entreprenuership Congress (made possible by the Kauffman Foundation, woot!) writing this and finding the best jobs for you to check out this week.

Here are 4 positions from 2 rarely talked about startup companies, a conference producer position, a stealthy YC company, and a bonus job from the creators of Angry Birds.

- Chris

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The Best Startup Jobs in Silicon Valley

Manager of Business Operations

Inflection is a kickass startup that is rarely talked about in Silicon Valley. They operate the site, which gives you your personal family history, they are profitable, and raised $30M+.

Conference Producer

TechCrunch produces TC Disrupt in NYC, SF, & Shanghai, the Crunchies Awards, and a bunch of smaller events in SF. If you love producing events and bringing people together, this would be an interesting position. 

Technical Lead
A "Highly Profitable" Y Combinator Company

I saw this really intriguing job post on Hacker News. The poster isn't specifying which Y Combinator company this is, but states they have the highest revenue of any YC company pre-demo day and were just funded by Ron Conway and Paul Buchheit (the inventor of Gmail).

RFP Writer

Palantir is another incredible startup which isn't covered in the general tech media press. Palantir is changing the way people analyze data, particularly governments and finance firms, and the company has raised $125M in total. If you love writing and know what an RFP is, check out this position. 

Bonus: Unspecified Job
Rovio - Creator of Angry Birds

Rovio is the creator of Angry Birds, the most popular mobile game of all time on the iPhone and Android platforms. They aren't looking for any specific positions right now but I know they are quietly expanding in the SF Bay Area. If you have any gaming experience (technical or non-technical) and love Angry Birds, check this out. 

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