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3D Printing Reading List

February 12, 2016

Hey you!

In this week's digest, we will be covering:

- 3D Printing in your local community by borrowing your neighbor's 3D Printer
- 3D Printing APPS
- Full Color 3D Printing using paper
- When 3D Printing Goes Wrong

How are you!? Have you 3D Printed anything lately? Thinking about getting a 3D Printer? If you have any 3D printing related questions, don't hesitate to shoot me an email at: ;)

Until next time my friends!

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Dilanka - Growth @ AstroPrint

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Discussion about introducing 3D Printing APPS

Tom & Tracy Hazzard - WTFFF?! Podcast

Would you use your phone if you didn't have access to APPS? Without APPS, your phone would likely be an expensive paper weight! One of the reasons Android is a widely adopted platform is because third party developers have the ability to easily make Android APPS (on Google Play). What about 3D Printing? Should 3D Printing have a platform for APPS? This podcast discusses that very question.

3D Hubs: Local 3D Printing


3D Hubs gives over a billion people access to 3D Printing by giving you access to locally available 3D Printers. 3D Hubs makes it super simple for 3D Printer owners to connect with non 3D Printer owners who are interested in 3D Printing stuff. If you have an idea, you can simply connect with a local 3D Printer owner and have them 3D Print a prototype for you. Pretty neat service.

Full Color 3D Printing using Paper


Did you know you can 3D Print in FULL COLOR using paper? The MCOR Full Color Printer does just that. If you touch these prints, they feel like hard plastic (I've experienced this in real life) and the detail is pretty damn cool. The only downside is that the MCOR printers costs a lot more than regular old desktop 3D Printers!

When 3D Printing Goes Wrong


This looks like a crime scene involving spaghetti and an amateur cook, but in reality it is just an inevitability of 3D Printing. Be careful out there!

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