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Leadership & Resiliency Reading List

June 05, 2015

Entrepreneurs operate at a level of intensity, risk and passion higher than most. This lifestyle of extremes can take its toll. You no doubt have seen, if not experienced, burnout. This week my colleague Allison Schultz wrote an insightful and practical post on How to Avoid Burnout. At Reboot we believe that it all starts with radical self-inquiry. Her post includes numerous prompts you can use to move yourself to improved resiliency now.

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Sarah Jane Coffey

Sarah Jane Coffey - Reboot

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Piecing myself together after burnout

Winnie Lim writes openly on what led her to burnout and what she has learned from the experience.

How To Be A Bad Leader

In this insightful and funny post, entrepreneur and author James Altucher waxes on ways to be a bad leader. My favorite? Bad leaders don’t want you to call your mother. 

Planet Labs Turned Its Interns into Company Leaders with This Program

Planet Labs CTO Chris Boshuizen shares how they have built an internship program to yield extraordinary talent for their company. 

Leaning out, stepping back, & finding happiness

Marketer Aubrey Sabala shares her experience of climbing the ladder to the top only to find it was not right for her. 

The Metrics Every Entrepreneur Should Know by Heart

Mergelane founder Elizabeth Kraus provides a quick cheat sheet for founders of the metrics they should always know by heart. 

Three Simple Plans for Start-Ups

In this follow up to her previous post, Three Sorry Excuses for Startups, Karen Roter Davis expands on tactical ways startups can “plan well”. 

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