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July 24, 2015

The latest news about growth and innovation within the enterprise space.

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Google Brings Its 360-Degree Movies App, Spotlight Stories, To iOS

Tech Crunch

"Viewers can look around inside the animated content by moving their body and the phone to see different parts or angles of the story taking place."

Google is offering businesses $1 million worth of free cloud storage to switch from Amazon

Business Insider

"Google's Nearline is available to the world. And to entice people to switch away from the cloud storage competition -- namely, Amazon Web Services, the unstoppable $6 billion juggernaut of the market -- Google is offering 100 petabytes (100 million gigabytes) of free storage to anybody who comes aboard"

The Turing Phone Is Built to Be Unhackable and Unbreakable


"The Turing Phone is a 5.5-inch smartphone, running Android 5.1, but it’s like nothing you’ve seen before. It has a sharply curved, multi-colored shell, and a patterned back, borrowed from spaceship designs and the result of “thousands, literally thousands” of sketches. "

Apple, Samsung are in talks to kill the SIM card

Financial Times

"The GSMA, the industry association which represents mobile operators worldwide, is close to announcing an agreement to produce a standardised embedded Sim for consumer devices that would include the smartphone makers."

Twitter Makes It Easier To Target Ads Around Big Events

Tech Crunch

"Anyone with a Twitter Ads account can browse a calendar of upcoming events, look at data around the size and demographics of the Twitter audience around each event — then, if they like what they see, they can target an ad campaign at that audience."

Meerkat will soon let GoPro users livestream via its iOS app

The Next Web

"Meerkat will allow streaming directly from a GoPro so long as it’s linked to an iPhone with the Meerkat app. Currently, only the GoPro3 and GoPro4 will be supported."

Dmail Makes Your Gmail Messages Self-Destruct

Tech Crunch

"With Dmail, you can revoke access to any email at any time, and, in a release arriving soon, you’ll be able to stop recipients from forwarding your message to others, too."

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