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August 12, 2016

Hi all,

Welcome to AI Reading List #27. Here are some of the AI resources, updates and ideas I found most interesting this week.

Please share your own thoughts and suggestions via Twitter or email. And please pass this along to anyone you think may find it interesting.


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Who Should Control Our Thinking Machines?

Jack Clark - Bloomberg

A thoughtful interview with DeepMind (now part of Google) founder Demis Hassabis:

"That’s why I’ve been working on AI my whole life: I see it as the fastest way to make amazing progress in science."

Response to - Request for Information: Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence

IBM Research

IBM Research identifies healthcare- and environmental-related science in particular, as well as six other major areas where AI can make a significant public impact in coming years, much of which they are already working on.

Self-Driving Cars Will Improve Our Cities. If They Don't Ruin Them.

Robin Chase - Backchannel

Ex-Zipcar CEO Robin Chase explains that an autonomous car future isn't inherently positive, that its benefits (or detriments) will depend on choices citizens and the industry can and should start making now.

AI’s Language Problem

Will Knight - MIT Technology Review

Further explanation of why understanding language is so much harder for AI than, for example, image recognition.

Related: Google Research has added 40 languages to their, ahem, Parsey McParseface natural language processing (NLP) pre-trained algorithm.

Invisible Design: Co-designing with machines

Amber Cartwright

A very interesting example, from Airbnb design manager Amber Cartwright, on how machine learning-based predictions can be explained visually to end-users of a product.

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