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March 11, 2016

Hi all - I've been 'slacking' (no pun), but am finally back with a new year of curating great customer development pieces. 

Nathan (@cowboytweets)

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Nathan Monk

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3-Step Repeatable Process

Danavir Sarria - GrowthHackers

Use your customer development process feed into these 3 steps to killer growth. 

Startups Are Everywhere

Steve Blank -

Steve Blank has discovered SoundCloud and it is a great thing for us he did. Check out his podcasts and information in this episode of 'Entrepreneurs are Everywhere.' 

The real reason Slack became a billion dollar company

Satya van Heummen - GrowthHackers

A great piece on why measuring customer development in terms of metrics and customer feedback is important. The numbers never lie. 

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