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March 18, 2016

Hey guys,

On behalf of Startup Digest, I'm proud to introduce to you our very first VR/AR edition. From now on, every week we'll be providing you with a list of handpicked stories from this fascinating new industry. 

This week we'll see a number of important VR-related announcements at SXSW in Austin and GDC in San Francisco, as both seem to be feeling the strong influence of VR and its applications. Keep your eye out - we'll be covering both events next week. 

In the meantime, check out a number of great reads that we found for you this week. If you have any suggestions about the kind of content you would like to see in the VR edition of Startup Digest - feel free to shoot me an email.


Virtual & Augmented Reality Startup Digest is curated by:
Martin Ahe

Martin Ahe - VR Editor at Startup Digest

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Virtual Reality to Reach $40bn by 2020

VR is probably going to be big… very big. In line with many other estimates (like this one by Goldman Sachs), this latest Superdata report predicts VR market revenue to reach $40bn over the next 5 years. The market will be growing at 61.3% per year (CAGR). The report also predicts that almost 200mm people will own at least one VR device by 2020, and that initially gaming will be responsible for 3/4 of VR content - however that will change over time.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Investment Hits $1.1bn

To give you a perspective on why 2016 will be a big year for VR and AR: in the entire 2015, investments in VR/AR have totaled $750m. But just in the first 2 months of 2016 - the investment level has already reached $1.1bn. Anyone wants to make a prediction on how this year is going to close?

First Hands-on: The VOID, a Mixed Reality Experience That Blends Real and Virtual

VOID is the next-generation VR-powered arcade. Out of their Salt Lake City workshop, this company is on the way to create one of the most immersive VR experiences out there. To enable that, they have created an entire array of proprietary peripherals. Yes, it does include their own headset and a haptic vest, but it also includes physically manipulating spaces and performing what the company describes as “magic”. Road To VR’s Chris Madsen had an early access and tried it out.

The Making of Playstation VR

The inside story about how Playstation’s VR device came together. Great read about how a large company can find a way to be entrepreneurial and work together to just get it done. Little known fact: Sony has been working on their VR device in parallel to Oculus since 2010, so chances are good that we would have seen a consumer-ready VR device around this time, even without Oculus.

Hard lesson on leaning on virtual desks.

If this ever happens with your game, you’ve nailed it. 

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