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February 12, 2016

Hello and welcome to the first edition of the fintech digest! 

It's an exciting time for the financial technology sector. In global financial centers around the world, entrepreneurs are busy launching new companies and raising capital. From London to New York and across China, Hong Kong and Singapore, several hundreds of new companies joined a growing number of fintech startups.

Through this newsletter, I aim to share with you relevant and exciting utilisation of a number of innovative technologies, the startups involved and the services they provide -- be it disruptive or sustaining to the existing financial services industry.
I hope you enjoy and thank you for subscribing!  

FinTech Reading List Startup Digest is curated by:
Camron Miraftab

Camron Miraftab - Capital Markets Consultant and Start-up Enthusiast

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Fintech is Just Getting Started


Driven by by the desire to revamp or obviate the need for banking legacy systems, the fintech industry has risen to prominence. This article provides a nice summary of a number of service-offering by banks that may be disrupted in the near future by fintech companies.

What is the Blockchain?


Blockchain has been somewhat of a buzzword over the last 12 months in the financial services industry. Rising to fame from the anarchic world of cryptocurrencies -- most notably Bitcoin -- market participants are beginning to take notice to the underlying technological innovation and how it can be applied to real-world finance.

What VCs are looking for in Fintech


This is an exciting time for VC firms in the fintech space as the industry is facing incredible speed of innovation and change for years to come.

Fintech rising: Resistance is futile


Digitalisation is set to transform most aspects of the financial industry. Far from resisting it, banks should be embracing these fundamental changes. 

Silicon Valley Vs Wall Street


"By collecting cyber ID data, fintech is allowing peer to peer marketplaces to exist in an ecosystem judged to insecure for traditional banks."

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