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January 15, 2016

Hey all, 

Below are our top 5 favorite product articles for this week, curated in collaboration with Products That Count.

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Opportunity Is Knocking

Braintree recently teamed up with Vision Mobile, the world's largest developer survey, to look into untapped opportunities for mobile developers and the Internet of Things. They found that the upside of e-commerce is even bigger than you might think. Read more about the findings here.

Take on your competition with these lessons from Google Maps

Bret Taylor - First Round Capital

Bret Taylor (CEO Quip) shares his lessons learned about building products to take on competition.

Snapchat’s missing out on millions because it sucks to find stuff on its app

Jessi Hempel - Wired

Snapchat’s missing out on millions because it sucks to find stuff on its app. 

The driverless, car-sharing road ahead

Unknown - The Economist

Article by The Economist about how tech companies are challenging that existing car manufacturers.

License to (Not) Drive

Steven Levy - Medium

An exclusive look behind the scenes at Google’s autonomous car testing center.

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