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First of all, happy fall equinox!  This is a powerful time to reset and acknowledge what is ending in your life, and what is beginning.

The following interview is a gift to you for the equinox.  It will support you to navigate the changes that you are going through at this time, and for the coming season.


A few months ago, I was looking to reach out to new colleagues who I felt a real heart resonance with.  I was looking for healing practitioners who inspired me in both what they were doing and how they were doing it.

I received an email from Sweigh Spilkin about her crossing the Threshold Program, and I thought, “Wow!  This is someone that I want to connect with!” 

So, I reached out and asked to interview her, which she happily agreed to.

I am really happy to be sharing this interview with you, entitled: Crossing the Threshold: Sacred Business as a Path of Initiation

Click HERE to download this free mp3 interview, and then, continue to read on to get a better sense of the landscape that we explored together.

What did we discuss in the interview?

I’ve been called to work with people to bring forth their life’s work, and to shape it into the form of a business that honors the integrity of who who are. 

Sweigh works with people who are moving through an “initiatory experience” in many different forms and expressions, not just in business.


When I am able to see my own business development journey in the light of it being an “initiatory journey”, this perspective helps me to be more intelligent and skillful in both my personal growth process and in my development as the leader of my business.

Our work connects through the focus on the initiatory process of emerging into the fullness of expression of your gifts and the leadership necessary to walk your life’s work into the world...very powerful territory.

I’ve included the outline of questions and talking points from the interview below, so you can see what inspires you. 

Sweigh inspires me, and the conversation really came alive, so enjoy. We had this conversation for you!

Again, click HERE to download this free mp3 interview.

in grateful service,




Talking Points/Interview Outline:


  • QUESTION / TOPIC #1: So, I’d love to here your thoughts about what you see as the connection between initiation and bringing forth your life’s work, especially when someone chooses the path of working for themselves, being an entrepreneur?
    • The role ceremony and ritual in birthing and sustaining your life’ s work
    • commitment—putting your body behind something, telling the universe and your body that you mean business.
    • (Plotkin’s definition of ceremony--speaking back to the unseen world), healing the split between material and spirit
    • enacting (healing the body/spirit split… the body needs to enact what the soul and the will are intending…. 
    • enacting: “telling your body that you mean business”
    • “evidence that this is the answer to my prayer”



  • QUESTION #2: So, in a sense, we are talking about weaving together the world of spiritual initiation and rites of passage with the world of business development.  What other aspects of business development can receive support and guidance from spiritual principals and practices.
    • Sacred Self-Care: practical business applications of being in tune with the body and rhythms.
    • Natural Rhythm Time Management: efficiency—sacred self care…when we are in our bodies integrating we can show up and do the work in a more efficient way…
    • if I’m really listening, and tuned into the energetics of the moment, what’s the inspired next step to take…
    • web of relationships marketing (what feels good in the body in terms of relationships… what does feel good…integrity…what kind of feeling good?
      • Here is a quote that I really love, that I could read, if it feels right.“You should be attached to God continuously, and your love for Him should be constant.  The test to know what is His will is this: If you want to do something, and see that this action wil increase your God-consciousness and love of God, then know that this is a mitzvah and God’s will.  But if you see that this action will decrease your love and God-consciousness, then know that it is a transgression, and do not do it.” - Rabbi Yehiel Michal, p.8 Jewish Spiritual Practices



  • Web of Relations Efficiency and Effectiveness 
    • What is efficient and effective in the larger context of bringing healing and harmony to the web of relations?
      • In business-as-usual, you might be efficient by using a script to move through sales calls, but “speed” or “getting things done” is not the same as “efficiency”  Efficiency is “preventing the wasteful use of a particular resource” - in regards to human relationships, investing more time to engage in a personal, thorough way, increases your effectiveness, and thus, makes the interaction more efficient, because it builds the fabric of the relationship, which moves you further towards the goal of the business
      • — Quality and Integrity — bringing our best - being led - what wants to happen here vs. what would I want to do? — being a steward of your vision


  • Legacy Vision: Being led vs. leading (surrender and will) -  Being a steward of your vision
    • “what wants to happen here?” vs. “what do I want to make happen?”
    • how is your relationship with the 7 generations?  Are you bringing them into your vision for your life’s work?


  • Integrity/Right use of power
    • Why do you do what you do? being of service…vs. success.  or being seen…which feeds the unmet childhood needs vs. being of service. (especially amongst female entrepreneurs…)
    • entrepreneurship gets screwy - in service of what?  in service of the ego and not in service to what you truly have to offer that is helpful, useful
    • Having “ego checks” in your life: bringing in a council as a check and balance… we need mirrors and help seeing what we can’t see, especially as we begin to work with more power. I want to be in integrity in relationship to it.
    • Tool:  Asking - “In service of what?”
      • Bringing out your best, for the sake of truly being useful and of service
      • “I’m hired help, not just for the client, but for the divine. 80 precent of my focus is on something larger…yes, listening to the client feedback… but also listening to the larger field”
      • there’s what’s happening and “what’s happening” on a larger level…


  • Sacred Business Integrity: 
    • Righteous Anger - The sacred purpose of anger in stewarding our vision
    • “this is  not acceptable” establishing our rooted connectedness to the future. (shifting from the owner of t my vision to I’m a steward of this vision that’s leading me…)
    • Holy righteous no, vs. rebellious no.
    • Holy righteous anger emerges can only be expressed, appropriately, through an initiated adult
    • Discipline, what am I a disciple of? 






I was intrigued to speak with you, Sweigh, because you are working directly with this terrain of “crossing the threshold” with initiation, in all aspects of life.  And, I have really felt a passion to focus on the threshold of growing a vision for your life’s work and being able to make your living in the world, doing just that.  So, its powerful to feel the merging of these two worlds of business and initiation onto a path of a spiritual calling.



As a Sacred Business coach, Lev Natan helps entrepreneurs and creative professionals weave their spiritual path into meaningful work. He is certified as an integrative sound and music practitioner, and utilizes sound healing to create a safe and creative space for his clients to access their deeper intelligence for practical change in business, health, and relationships. He is the founding director of The Medicine Tree Center for integrative health and evolutionary leadership, with the mission to steward a resilient and revitalized economy that truly serves human society and planet Earth. 
work phone: 845-377-0227
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