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Pupusas for a Good Cause!
June 23, 5:30-8pm

Please come out and join us for dinner. The resaurant will donate a portion of the evening's proceeds to our trip to Haiti.
Sunrise Restaurant
3126 24th St (between Folsom St & Shotwell St)
If you have kids, come early!

Potluck at Maria's!
BAHC Birth Stories
Saturday, June 18, 11 am - 1:30 pm
206 27th Street in San Francisco
It's a potluck, so bring something!

Bay Area Homebirth Collective

When babies arrive,
I steal through the night.
They hoard my attention
‘Til dawn shines so bright.
But one Hord is special,
Some girls that I know.
I’ll never forget how
I did watch them grow.
Isabella was first,
With her entrance so smooth.
Mama sang to her early,
“You are my sunshine” to soothe.
And I was her midwife,
Baby number Three Ninety Four
But the Hords would hoard my attention
For certainly one more.
One Hundred births later,
Number Five Hundred and Two,
Came a little baby sister
Named Gabriella Grace, who
Arrived with the sunrise
A beautiful sight,
With Patty and Victor
Who were there through the night.
The two little sisters
Would soon learn to play,
But secretly hoped
A Hord would join them someday.
Beatricia Marie ~
Her birth was so fast.
So the third little Hord
Was here at long last.
She finally arrived
Number Seven Twenty Six
A triptych of girls,
Was mom in a fix?

“No way,” said the mother,
“These are my shining stars.
I’ll tend to their needs,
I’ll mend all their scars.”
“I love them so dearly,
They hoard my attention.
These are my blessings,
Didn’t I mention?”
And the midwife goes home,
With a smile still adorn.
She happily awaits
Another baby to be born.


Puertorrican Sofrito
Luna Amilca's abuela is one of the best cooks in San Francisco. When her daughter, Dulce was in labor, she treated us to the most amazing Puerto Rican dishes. Here is her recipe for sofrito which is the base of many recipes.

  • 1 large or 2 medium yellow onions
  • 1 green bell pepper or ½ green and ½ red
  • 1 head of garlic, peeled
  • 1 bunch of cilantro 
If you can get “culantro” leaves, also known as Vietnamese saw leaf herb, you can add a few leaves with the cilantro.
Blend everything in a blender with ¼ cup water and 1/8 cup of olive oil.
This sofrito is the base of most Puertoriccan stews, rice and beans. Enjoy!!
“Adobo” for Pork
Garlic, salt and oregano smashed in a mortar and pestle.
Add Mexican lime juice along with olive oil
Mix and marinate pork (or chicken or turkey)
For beef: mix lime juice with some Apple Cider Vinegar


There are two places where I would love for you to help me out:
Yelp  and The Birth Survey
Both of these are review sites that will help women understand about my practice and the value of midwifery care. If you have a moment, please write up a review under Wisewoman Childbirth Traditions and Maria Iorillo.


The true count down to 1000 begins. As of this writing, I call 994 children “my babies.”  Within another month or so, I should welcome in my 1000th baby. Such a good statistical number to say, “well, in 1000 babies……” I feel so honored and thrilled to have enjoyed so many families in their journeys through pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Here’s babies number 180, 204 and 342:
Natasha, Havel and Josie Weidner.

Kealy and Arden McKown are numbers 270 and 476.
Viola Wallace is number 403.

To the left is a poem I wrote about the Hord family and their numbers.



So, some of you have followed me for years, and now decades. As you know, the last three years I have had the great honor to serve as the 1st Vice President of the Midwives Alliance of North America. It has been a whirlwind tour of midwifery politics that has taken me to Washington, DC, the Farm in Tennessee, Michigan, Seattle, Asilomar. I have had the opportunity to meet midwives from around the country as well as around the world. It has been educational, enlightening and inspiring.
I am pleased to say that California, and in particular, the Bay Area, is a focal point of midwifery activity and homebirth. We are fortunate to be at such a zenith of childbirth awareness and options. Homebirth still only represents less than 1% of all births in the US, so we still have so much work to do. In this regard, I encourage you to stay involved with the natural childbirth community. Tell your friends about your experience with midwifery care. If you planned a homebirth, educate your peers about their childbirth options.

Here’s how you can stay in touch with me:

  •  Join the Wisewoman Childbirth Traditions yahoo group. This is a listserve that is mostly announcements of the events around town and with my practice.
  •  Read my blog!
  •  Join my Facebook page.
  •  Email me to say hi!

On the international level, midwifery is a life-saving vehicle for mothers and babies. Dina and I will be traveling to Haiti again this year with the non-profit, Midwives for Haiti. In honor of my 1000th baby, this year I would like to focus my fundraising on finding special donors who can donate $1000 to my international efforts. Can you donate $1000 to save mothers and babies? Can you find 10 friends who will each donate $100? This year’s $10,000 fundraising goal will send 2 midwives (myself and Susan Leibel, CNM) to Haiti as well as Dina who will continue to document the great work that Midwives for Haiti is doing to educate midwives in the Western Hemisphere’s poorest country.

You can see Dina’s video of Midwives for Haiti here

You can see Dina’s video of the Matthew 25 House
tent city in Port-au-Prince here

We will also be purchasing medicines and supplies to stock the hospital in Hinche. If you want to learn more about last year’s trip, please visit my blog at:

If you would like to donate, please send checks to me at:

Maria Iorillo, 206 27th St., San Francisco, CA 94131

If you would like your donation to be tax-deductible, please write the check out to Midwives for Haiti with Maria Iorillo in the memo line.

With much gratitude, I thank you for the 1st 1000 babies, here's to 1000 more!!




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