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Brooklyn Run Photos

I want to start off this email by saying thank you for each and every person that put sneakers-to-the-ground and contributed some miles, love and energy towards the cause this last weekend. Without all of you, this movement means nothing, and it is truly built by the community and for the community. All together, we had athletes from the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Upstate, Toronto, Ontario, San Jose, Philly, Boston, and beyond fill the streets of their local Chinatowns to share positivity and economic support. These neighborhoods have come under fire in this volatile socio-political time, and it’s important to bring visibility and validity to what’s been happening and to do everything within our means to prevent more pain and suffering.

We showed that the simple act of running and enjoying some good food can mean so much more. The combined turnout easily surpassed 200 people, and that’s 200 people that spent time and money helping out local businesses that they may have otherwise skipped out on. I hope we’ll continue to explore and learn about these communities that have gifted us with their culture, and recognize that we all deserve to be seen, heard, appreciated and protected.

PHOTO FLEXIN’: For NY runners please enjoy the amazing photos captured by our friend Steve AKA @crossingguard_ninja and remember to tag and credit the photographer if you decide to repost. For our outernational and distributed runners, please check our partner crews’ individual channels for photos and content.

The miles don’t stop here. We’ve got bigger and bolder plans brewing for the month of April—including more partnerships and international engagement. Keep your eyes on your inbox for news on April’s runs and how you can continue to contribute and support. As always, know that {chinatown}runners is NOT a crew, but a movement—and the movement belongs to all of you.

For information on how to get involved, check out the website or reach out to HQ directly. Thank you all for bringing this vision to life.
vics // @omgvics

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