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I’m writing this hot off a 5k protest/run/march with RunningToProtest highlighting AAPI and BLM solidarity—so the energy and vibes are high. If you were there, thank you for giving your time and energy to the cause. I want to extend a huge thank you to PowerMalu and Coffey for giving me a platform and privilege to speak to hundreds of folks to get the message out about what chinatown runners is all about.

Many of you have been asking when and where the next run will take place here in NYC. I am happy to share that it will be mid-April and it will be in Flushing! I’m working with Queens Distance Runners leadership to help recon and map a route that’ll be fun and accessible to all, so look out for details on that soon. Partner crews in Boston, Philly, Toronto, Ontario, SF and beyond are also in communications as we work hard to coordinate next month’s activation, and I want to thank them for the support and mentorship they’ve also provided me.

LELAND RUNS FOR CHINATOWN—TOMORROW 3/22: Please consider supporting runner and friend of the movement, Leland Yu as he runs the Virtual NYC Half Marathon and dedicates his miles to Chinatown organizations for NYC and beyond. In Leland’s own words:

“On Monday, March 22nd. I will be racing in the Virtual United Airlines NYC Half Marathon. I will be fundraising for the Chinatown Block Watch. It is a group of 20-30 members who have been patrolling the Chinatown neighborhood and nearby areas since the start of the pandemic, and have been a visible deterrent against attacks and harassment. Founded by longtime Chinatown resident Karlin Chan, who is also behind the Chinatown Mural Project, the cost of supplies have mostly come out of his pocket. I aim to fundraise for the block watch to provide them with the necessary uniforms and equipment to safely keep an eye out for the community. During a time such as this, they are needed now more than ever.”

Donate to Leland’s GoFundMe

ICYMI: The folks over at Runners of NYC interviewed me about the movement, running, and best NYC pizza—you can listen to that here or anywhere else you like to get your podcast on. Thank you again to Chris and Leigh Anne for giving me an opportunity to amplify my message. That’s it for this weekend’s update. Look out for another email drop mid-week as we finalize April’s event. For information on how to get involved, check out the website or reach out to HQ directly. Thank you for your continued energy, love and support.
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