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Truly Going Digital

What does “Going Digital” mean to event organizers, agencies - and attendees? It’s more than just an electronic agenda or live polling. Increasingly, events are using their real-time capabilities to adapt agendas and discussions - and entire events - on the fly.

SpotMe partnered with SBM to design an event to gauge reactions to the company’s new roadmaps. As Stéphanie Jalabert, SBM Project Director of Business Improvement Processes explained, “Throwing information at [attendees] wouldn’t give anything to us.”

Instead, SBM and SpotMe developed a 3-hour interactive heat-map session in which participants shared their reactions, raised questions, and split into breakout groups for discussion and feedback. 

SBM not only gathered information, but used that live data to enable relevant, constructive conversations that energized attendees. Read more and see the video on the SweetSpot: What Going Digital Really Means for Meetings & Events.

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Singapore Meetings Advisory Forum: Last week, SpotMe provided the event app for an inaugural forum organized by PCMA and the Singapore Exhibition & Convention Bureau.
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Strategy Tournament On the High Seas: What happens when you gather 1,250 lawyers on a cruise ship? SpotMe helped tap into their competitive nature and generate ideas for corporate strategy. Case Study

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