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Little Innovations


Little innovations can have a big impact.

That was the message from last week’s Exhibit & Event Marketers Association Red Diamond Congress. Throughout the Wednesday Innovation Day, speakers shared cases of small changes that solved customer pain points, whether it was as simple as auto-populating digital forms or tweeting more frequently.

The little innovations that come from collaboration.

We shared some of our take-aways from the conference, including a shift to facilities as service providers, a digital exhibitor kit, live streaming content, and year-round social media engagement.

At SpotMe, we love listening for these little “aha” moments where we can identify a customer problem and help design a solution that delights attendees and organizers alike.

Check out our recap, and share any examples you’ve seen of relatively small changes that had a big impact.

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Clients Talking Event:

ESOT Vienna 2013: The European Society of Organ Transplantation made several little innovations at their Congress. Read their story and see videos from attendees who were thrilled to be sharing knowledge in new ways. 

SpotMe at WEC14: This week, we’re at MPI’s World Education Congress (WEC14) in sunny Minneapolis. Connect with us on Twitter @SpotMe or reply to this email - we would love to meet with you!

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