1310 Gallery at Artspace Sailboat Bend Artists Lofts
Saturday, October 1
7:00pm - 10:00pm
Presented by Lisa Rockford & 1310 Gallery:

Opening Event:
The Art of Whimsy


For more info contact- Lisa Rockford 305-975-6262
or nunsopink@yahoo.co

This group exhibition on 3 floors will make you smile and prove to be one of the Best of the season---a spectacle of the most innovative contemporary art that incorporates wit, humor, irony, or playfulness in process, materials, or subject matter. Featuring the amusing creations from inflatable Installation art to painting and animation, this exhibition will be a visual treat!

This short-term exhibition will fill three floors, on view for only two weeks. Opens Sat. Oct 1st, culminating with the closing reception, Oct. 15, as part of the ART FALLOUT event.

The artists in the Humoratorium exhibition were selected through a part juried, part invitational process, by curator Lisa Rockford.
  • Carlos Alejandro
  • Aleloop aka Alejandra Leibovich
  • Michael Balbone
  • JC Bravo
  • Randy Burman
  • Martin Casuso
  • Shady Eshghi
  • Gregory Norbert Dirr
  • Ryan Farrell
  • Karen Starosta-Gilinski
  • Jean Hutchison
  • Freddy Jouwayed
  • Paula Kolek
  • Lauren Jacobson and Cristina Sierra
  • Dan Listwan
  • Nicole Martinez & Rodrigo Arcaya
  • Benjamin Morey
  • Hugo Moro
  • Andrew Nigon
  • Todd Nolan
  • Jeanette Pabon
  • John Pack
  • Judy Polstra
  • Jami Nix Rahn
  • Brian Reedy
  • Peter Santa-Maria
  • Tawnie Silva
  • Wendy Doscher-Smith
  • Jonathan Stein
  • Nica Sweet
  • Carmen Tiffany
  • Emily Wolverton
  • Gabrielle Wood
Several of the artists in the exhibition will receive cash prizes (announced at the closing on Oct. 15). Prominent art professionals will choose which artists will receive the awards.

Confirmed Judges Include:
-Jose E. Lopez, Director & Publisher of Art Districts Magazine
-Janet Batet, Curator & Art Critic
-Andreina Fuentas, Owner of Hardcore Art Contemporary Space
-Francie Bishop Good, Artist and Art Collector, Owner of Girls Club Art Collection
-Harold Golen, Owner & Director of Harold Golen Gallery
-Guerra De la Paz, International Artists
-Rochi Llaneza, Executive Director of Hardcore Art Contemporary Space
-Dan & Kathryn Mikesell, Art Collectors, Founders of Fountainhead Art Residency
-Michael Mills, Art Critic
-Brinson Renda, Artist, Independent Curator, Editor of Artcards / Miami
-Klaudio Rodriguez, Assistant Curator at The Frost Art Museum
-Michelle Weinberg, Artist and Curator from Girls Club Art Collection
-Carol Jazzar, Owner and Director of Carol Jazzar Contemporary Art
-Jane Hart, Curator, Art & Culture Center of Hollywood

The exhibition is supported in part by a grant from The Broward Cultural Division, and sponsored by Magners Original Irish Cider, Bronco Wine Company, and Bawls Energy drink.
DONT FORGET to Come back for the closing on Sat. Oct 15, 5-9pm, part of the ART FALLOUT downtown Ft Lauderdale neighborhood art tour.



Look forward to bi-weekly updates on events, outreach, programs, workshop, and highlights by Sailboat Bend Artists CommunIty Members. 



Celebrates its 3rd year in Broward County
Summer Camp runs the week of August 8th - 12th

Photo curtesy of Niki Lopez

On September 11 2011, artist Nzingah Oniwosan held a workshop  at  Sailboat Bend Artists Community for artists in the tri-county area (West Palm, Broward, and Dade) to paint Converse shoes for Sole Plus.

Sole Plus is a non-profit organization that provides shoes for those in need as well as raise money, provide workshops, awareness, and focus on art as a tool for social activism. They hold contests for various groups and has a strong basis in philanthropy.

Each participant artist was given a pair of Converse sneakers to decorate. These sneakers will be in a silent auction next month and 50% will go to Sole Plus for future workshops, homeless shoe donations, youth design workshops ,and more in the South Florida area. The minimum bid will be $50.

Auction will take place at The Green Room date TBA

For more information, contact Nzingah Oniwosan at
561-880-7700 or e-mail sankofaschild@gmail.com .


PARKING @ 1310  Gallery:

In addition to parking in the parking lot there is also:
local parking authorities have been advised to not ticket during posted events at any of the designated parking areas.

 + Parking all along SW 2nd Court/Middle Street
 + Church parking lot and field across from Fire Museum on West Las Olas
 + Empty lot directly(?) next lofts along SW 2nd Court/Middle Street.
Any issues with parking during events, pleace click here

2011 Calendar:
(Subject to change- please check back)

Gallery Openings at 1310 Gallery:
October 6: ART FALLOUT Opening with Girls Club event/OPEN STUDIOS
October 15: ART FALLOUT Closing
October 20/22: Jeremiah Opening
November 5: Nicole Kent Opening
Nov. 19: Nicole Kent open house for 3rd Sat.
December 3: CYNTHIA Opening
December 17: Cynthia open house for 3rd Sat.

*Some months have mulitple events, workshops, and more. Please check back for updates or check with individual artist/curator

Many shows are still under development, please contact the person of that month for more info. Some months have multiple events going on during the month. Performance, visual arts, and more!

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Parking is available in the lot next to the Red&White house just East of us on SW 2nd Ct and on surrounding streets.


About this event curator:

Lisa Rockford
Lisa Rockford is an adjunct instructor at Broward College, and received her MFA from the top-ranked painting program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
"My current work hacks and manipulates existing children's imagery in order to investigate prescribed notions of glamour, virtue, power, innocence, and gender."

Connect with Lisa Rockford
In addition to parking in the parking lot there is also:
- Parking all along SW 2nd Court/Middle Street
- Church parking lot and field across from Fire Museum on West Las Olas
- Empty lot directly next lofts along SW 2nd Court/Middle Street.


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