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Poor Digestion = Poor Health (part iv)
Acid or Alkaline? 
The previous blogs covered 3 of the 6 necessary ingredients needed to have a balanced and healthy digestive system: daily eliminationbalanced pH/ minerals and enzymes.  Today, part IV discusses the 4th ingredient, Hydrochloric Acid (HCL). 

In the presence of living organisms, Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) is one of the main secretions of the stomach. When the body has adequate quantities of it, it acidifies the stomach content to a pH of 2 or less.  At this pH level the stomach acid is strong enough to dissolve a razor blade.  If your finger touched this fluid it would get a serious burn; yet the stomach lining has extra mucosa linings to handle it.  Ok that’s cool (or should I say hot) but what does it matter?

The health necessity for your stomach to be an ACIDIC environment
The stomach HCL is needed for healthy digestion for it to:
1. act as the body’s natural/innate DISINFECTANT of problematic pathogenic bugs (microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites ) that come through our  foods, beverages, air, water that have the potential to cause illness, disease, and/or infections when they are not destroyed by HCL
2. promote adequate stomach digestion, especially protein (an acidic pH activates the enzyme precursor pepsinogen into the active protein digestive enzyme, pepsin)
3. promote a healthy oral cavity as healthy digestion reduces plaque on teeth
4. HCL is a key ingredient to break biofilms (see footnote for explanation of biofilm)

What happens if my stomach does not have (enough) HCL "is not ACIDIC"?
When the stomach is VOID of proper enzymes and HCL, our food/beverage consumption goes into the stomach and does not get disinfected or broken down, this leads to a domino effect of:
- rotting foods sitting in the gut ->
- FOOD CRAVINGS, cell starvation, over eating and bad gut flora ->
- a proliferation of pathogenic bugs in our stomach which feeds on the rotting foods ->
- undigested food substances leak into the blood stream ->
- the body treats it like a foreign invader and attacks it, over taxing and wearing down the  immune system ->
- the root to most health problems such as... 

  • heart disorders (disease, high blood pressure, plaque in arteries)
  • bone disorders (osteoarthritis, osteoperosis)
  • chronic fatigue,    * chronic pain from unkown sources
  • excessive weight at midsection   * irritable bowel syndrome
  • GERD   * heartburn    * hypoglycemia   *insomnia
  • joint inflammation ("itis's")   *muscle aches and pains
  • high uric acid /high triglycerides   * chronic migraines
  • parasitic infections    *PMS (longer then 3 days)
  • postmenopause symptoms (hot flashes, mood swings)
  • severe constipation    * sleep apnea
  • rapid unhealthy aging   * type II diabetes
  • taste buds dont attract to healthy food tastes

But doesn’t the acid make my stomach burn? Isnt that why I take antacids?
When the stomach feels a burning, has acid reflux, or indigestion, it is not from too much HCL acid but just the opposite. Instead it is lack of sufficient HCL levels creating an environment of too much of the wrong acid (lactic acid).  When the body does not have a sufficient quantity of HCL, then the body will use a back-up mechanism of trying to use the lactic acid in the body to do the job(s) of what HCL should be doing.  Unfortunately, lactic acid (a corrosive waste product) carries a pH of around 4.5 and has no where close the capability to function as HCL. This allows food to rot in the gut and pathogenic bugs to roam the body.  When one takes the antacids to get rid of a burning stomach, indigestion, acid reflux, it is only “masking the symptoms.”  Even worse, taking antacids just adds fuel to the fire, as “anti” acids destroy what ever is left of the HCL stomach’s acidic environment. 
How does the body get HCL? 
When a stomach is healthy and getting right nourishment it produces its own HCL

  • A healthy 18 year old should be producing the equivalent of 90 HCL capsules/day in their stomach on their own.  However, when someone is not breast fed for at least 18 months, and/or eats processed foods, the stomach loses its ability to produce HCL and its reserves diminish faster.
  • A person at 85 should be producing equivalent to 60 cap/day.  Today’s average 85 year old is producing only 3 - 5 caps allowing for rotting foods that produce toxins and become the root to the development of a number of health problems that seem to be a mystery. 
  • HCL in the stomach decreases
    - naturally with age but not as fast as when one eats the contiuous
    - SAD (sad American diet) of processed, highly heated, denatured foods that have little to no digestive enzymes. So when the body no longer has digestive enzymes  to break downn the food, then the body will use its backup mechanism HCL  This diminishes the HCL reserves much faster then what nature has intended.  (Digestion is not the primary function of HCL). 
What kind of nourishment is needed to produce HCL?
To build enough HCL to have an adequate lifetime supply should begin right at birth with breastfeeding for at least 18 months.  Then once on regular foods a diet should primarily contain a rich quantity of raw and cultured whole foods. Some food examples high in natural salt are celery rhubarb, natural spring water.  Apart of the dailyj diet should consist of unheated, unprocessed land or sea salt.  Salt in its natural form produces HCL as its molecules separate into chloride and sodium within the stomach. 
What about regular table salt?
This will take a whole other blog to be explained (which I will write on) but in brief know….
  • All salts are NOT equal in terms of origin, chemistry, crystal structure, biological effects — or even flavor!
  • Salt in its natural form is healing.  Industrialized/processed/highly heated salt is health damaging!

What do I do if I’m over 18yrs and for years have eaten the typical sad American diet?
Fortunately all is not lost!  The first things you’ll want to do are as follows:
1. Convert your sad American diet and begin eating whole unprocessed, low heated or raw foods, cultured foods sprouted foods, bone broths, fish meat and chicken products that were not raised on an industrial farms.  Here are just a few recipes from a former blog. For many this can be overwhelming in determining what and how to eat.  This is a great opportunity for us to partner to get you on the correct path.
2. Drink clean water and add PRL Pink Salt to re-add minerals and electrolytes is your best option.  If you live in an American city this is quite impossible without a Reverse Osmosis system. Also note most  bottle water on the market is also not sufficiently supplying your body the minerals it needs.  
3. Lastly, add PRL HCL capsules to your daily diet.  These beyond organic food grade product is made from non-GMO beets.  One to two should be routinely taken toward the end of the meal.  It is important to note that if the stomach is dehydrated, or has been affected by any surgery or physical trauma before starting to take HCL, one should first improve daily hydration levels and start with a 30 day rebuild/repair of the stomach lining with PRL Gastroven.

As a QRA & Wellness Practitioner, Tracy is able to specifically test the body’s need as well as when the body is ready to handle HCL capsules to support your digestive systems health which is a primary key ingredient to a healthy feeling and looking body & mind!  To inquire or schedule an appointment please click here or call 310.798.7600.

To Great Health & Wellness
Tracy  CPT, Certified QRA & Wellness Practitioner

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