Tea & Cupcakes with Creative Bloggers
October 14
Teahouse Studio
Berkeley, CA

Juicy Blogging E-Course
October 16-November 6

Blogging for Writers: Build an Audience for Your Work
October 27
The Writing Salon
Berkeley, CA

13 Juicy Bloggers

I'd like you to meet some folks. I recently asked some of my 2012 Juicy Blogging, Writing Salon, and Teahouse Studio students, and blog coaching clients if they'd like to share their blogs with you. They also wrote a little bit about how taking the class, or working one-on-one helped their blogging.

Blogging isn't just about writing. It's also about being social, so check out their blogs (listed below) and give 'em a click. Leave them a comment. Who knows where the connection might lead!

Happy Blogging!


The Treelife  Blog

Since taking Britt's Juicy Blogging class I have been so much more invested in my blog.  I was inspired to do a re-design which looks great.  I am much more consistent and inspired -- blogging 3 times a week every single week and the posts are much more varied.  And, I'm more alive in the world of bloggers -- sharing comments on other blogs, soliciting more comments on mine, and networking via several social networks.  I loved the class so much, I might take it a 2nd time!
~Mary Mulliken

The biggest takeaway from my coaching sessions with Britt has been permission to enjoy blogging.  Yes, it's true, I was a hater.  Now I blog less, I create video interviews as well as regular blog posts and I'm generally pleased with what I've assembled by the time I hit "publish".  I was doubtful about what might happen, but my client numbers have grown steadily (to the point of a waiting list), as have my followers on social media.  Thrilled.
~Amy Kessel

Paola's Blog

The first of my weekly blogs posted September 1, so this is a brand new baby. It's full of reflections, observations and stories inspired by my new book, Grandmother Power, A Global Phenomenon, which reveals a new international women's movement of activist grandmothers.  I hope the blog qualifies as juicy; it would not exist without Britt's inspiring instruction (and cupcakes!)
~Paola Gianturco

Since taking the Juicy Blogging e-course I have completed a blog makeover, have increased my number of posts AND readers, and I've felt more focused in my topics and themes. I'm really enjoying my blog and interact with it daily.

Land of Infinite Possiblities

Since I’ve taken the class, the monthly number of hits on my blog has at least doubled, and the comments have tripled. A staggering number of people have started following my blog, most of whom I don’t even know. I have been asked to write and provide photos for a newsletter and a local magazine.
~Elizabeth Binyon

An Honest Mom

Since taking Britt's class, I've been much more strategic about my blogging topics and keeping my target audience in mind. The effect has been amazing. I went from 80+ subscribers to 280+ in a few months! Her recommendations on focused posts and her writing exercises inspired my most successful post ever, which garnered 90 comments! And I'm much more connected with the blogging community that writes on topics I love--I don't feel like I'm just writing for myself anymore, but that I'm part of a juicy community.

Since I attended the Tea and Cupcakes session earlier this year, a publisher became interested in my collection of cemetery travel essays, which is called Wish You Were Here. (Fingers crossed!) I did my first cemetery lecture ever at Cypress Lawn Cemetery in Colma.  I published a notebook illustrated with photos from the blog on (, which I've had fun giving away on my blog.  I've also started interviewing people I really respect for the blog.
I started my blog last year, after I took the Blogging for Writers class at The Writing Salon.  I keep going back over my notes, seeing places where I could improve my practice.
~Loren Rhoads


Vale of Evening Fog

My blogging was spare over the summer, but I think I felt much more comfortable with visual blogging after Britt's class. I'm also really happy that I switched over to the new Blogger format, as I had been clinging to the old one for years prior to the class. It is very user friendly and I can customize things more. Now as autumn sets in I am feeling writerly, and am hoping to become more regular with blog posts, probably by having theme days. I look forward to applying some of Britt's hints to increase readership. Britt is a wonderful coach and has so many resources to help bloggers on their way!
~Zoe Krylova

In Britt's Juicy Blogging e-course, I learned a lot about how to make eye-catching, content-and-image-balanced blog posts. I have been writing more often, and finding more varied content to write about. I also made the decision to turn one blog into two, which has been a challenge and a good experiment. Best of all, I recently wrote a blog post called Must-Read Memoirs, which WordPress labeled "Freshly Pressed" on their homepage. I had 1,200 views in one day and quadrupled my number of followers in under a week!
~Susie Meserve


Cherry Blossom Soup

Since I took the Juicy Blogging e-course, I've been so much more conscious about new ways to engage readers and to connect with other bloggers. I've been much more active in blog hops and giveaways and have been loving the result. Just last week, I participated in another blogger's launch and decided to do a giveaway as part of the celebration. I was thrilled to get 25 comments on my post that day. As well, one brand new visitor highlighted my post — alongside the likes of Pema Chodron and Brene Brown! —in her own blog's "good things" list the next week. I was so tickled.
~Sherry Richert Belul

Thanks primarily to Britt's help setting up realistic expectations for our non-profit, our entire staff – even the original naysayers – and most of our Board members are fully invested in our new blog!  We launched this past Mother’s Day and post weekly, with at least 1 guest post per month.  So far, we have 34 followers, many of whom are new to our organization as a result of the blog, and we’ve had a total of 2252 views. Our most popular posts were a video on The Art of Community-Based Doula, a photo montage following our 25th anniversary celebration, and a sharp response to a Chicago Tribune article, which struck a chord for many of our breastfeeding advocate allies.  I can feel the momentum building, as my colleagues return from community trainings and meetings sharing compliments on the blog, or the names and topics for possible guest bloggers.
~RoiAnn Phillips, Communications Manager for HealthConnect One

Learn + Explore + Share

The Juicy Blogging e-course turned out to be the early stages of my young blog's refinement. Juicy Blogging helped me explore different blog post formats, which helped me develop my voice. In the meantime, I have taken another blogging course, focused in on my blog's purpose, redesigned my blog and begun writing a curriculum for an in-person course I plan to offer early next year. I look forward to lots more new developments in the coming months!
~Heather Koshiol

Stance On Dance

Stance On Dance features The Bunion as well as dance-related essays, interviews, music selections, artwork, poetry, photography, and more. Britt's class opened the door for me to learn how to put all the ideas I had about creating a dance blog into practice. Since its beginnings in March, Stance On Dance has grown into a forum for dance ideas that gets more and more attention every day. I have no aspirations of being the most popular blogger out there, but I did think that Bay Area dance needed a better means of talking and writing about dance, and so far I'm very pleased with what Stance On Dance has grown into.
~Emmaly Wiederholt
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