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De-clutter your mail box!

De-clutter your mailbox!

Incoming mail, email and phone calls that are unwanted create physical and mental clutter that most of us would rather skip. 

Click here for web resources to opy-out of many lists.  

Quick Tips... 

Frustrated with your space? De-clutter by editing out items that don't belong in the space for a more calm and relaxing space.

Give your garage a quick clean up and de-clutter to make it easy when it is time to put away outdoor items for the season.

Rotate seasonal clothes.  Donate or throw out unused, unloved or worn out items to make way for the current season.  Pack up items that you will wear next year.

Use clear plastic totes for easy identification of long term storage and protection against dirt and moisture.

Try small gradual habit changes for a better chance at making the positive changes you want.

Andrea Smith, Professional Organizer

Andrea Smith

Professional Organizer
Simply Andi LLC


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Welcome to Fall!

This year has really moved fast for many including me.  I can't believe that it is almost fall but after the hot dry summer I know that we are all ready to welcome the crisp fall days and cool nights.  I am not quite ready to put away my shorts and flip-flops but I know that a bit of maintenance now will make fall a breeze so that I can just enjoy the season.  The change of seasons is a great time to do maintenance organizing to get a jump on the next season so that we have the time and energy to enjoy life.  

Here are a few tasks to help prepare for fall and beyond.
  • De-clutter and clean out the garage so it is ready to pack away lawn and garden equipment.  
  • Rotate clothing.  Sort and pack up warm weather gear.  Pull out and prep cool weather gear.
  • De-clutter and deep clean the living or family room so that it is ready for indoor gatherings and movie watching.
  • Review your emergency gear.   See the article below for tips to making sure that you have what you need during an emergency.
  • De-clutter your mailbox by opting out of mailing, calling and email lists.  This is a great task for indoor weather so that you will have more time once things warm up again.  Oh, by the way, if you prefer not to receive this newsletter or would prefer the online version, please let me know.  You won’t hurt my feelings.
Now is a great time to book organizing sessions for garages, offices, attics and many more. 
I would love to help you and your family to have an organized stress free space this fall. 

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Were you prepared?

On June 29, 2012 a huge summer storm ripped across the mid-Atlantic and knocked out power for millions of people including me.  Current reports state that it may be days or even more than a week before power is fully restored to everyone.  I am pretty well prepared for things like this.  I have been through many storms and outages over the years since my family lives in a remote part of the county.  We expect to be without power regularly and always stay prepared.  But each time there is something that I wish I had or had prepared better.  Here are a few things to think about to be better prepared next time.

What did you need from the store?  Was it bread, milk and other perishables?  If not, what items were non perishable supplies that could have been kept on hand?   If you needed it for the current emergency, there is a very good chance you will need it for a future crisis.  Make a list of supplies to keep on hand and use and replace them regularly.
Did you know where to find everything that you already have?  If you had to really search for supplies that are already on hand consider keeping everything together for the next emergency in a location that you will be able to access without electricity. Don’t store emergency supplies in a dark basement or really full closet.
Were any of your supplies too old or not functioning?  Supplies don’t last forever and many need to be used and serviced regularly.  I would have a running refrigerator right now but my generator hasn’t been used or started in 4 years.  This is definitely on my list of things to fix and service regularly. Don’t forget to remove batteries before storing items so that the batteries do not corrode and ruin anything.
Was there anything that you needed to do that you did not know how to do?  Do you know where to shut off water and power to your home?  Do you know how to hook up and start a gas generator?  Consider having someone show you these skills for the next emergency.
Her are just a few items that I like to keep on hand.

  • Batteries in a variety of sizes for a radio, flashlight or lantern
  • Gas grill and spare propane tank with cook ware for the grill.  You can cook just about anything on a gas grill with a few cast iron pans.  Coffee is simple with a percolator or French press.
  • Coolers that can become your refrigerator with a bit of ice. 
  • First aid supplies for minor injuries.
  • Spare blankets and cold weather gear for winter emergencies
  • Candles and matchesNon perishable foods like soup and tuna
  • Gas cans with gas.  Use and replace regularly.
A little bit of preparedness goes along way during any emergency or natural disaster, the more that you have on hand the less frustrated you will be waiting in long lines.

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