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ISEAL Impacts June 2010

Paddy Doherty

Dear Mike,

I have responded to all the comments received (some quite briefly, I acknowledge), which was a laborious task. The comment document is now posted on the Impacts webpage. Following an Impacts Code Steering Committee meeting on May 26, we have prepared a new draft of the Impacts Code to be submitted to the ISEAL Board of Directors for review and (perhaps) approval.

Yours sincerely,

Paddy Doherty
ISEAL Impacts Manager

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Responding to comments, we have made some changes in the draft:

  • The impact issues have been moved to their own section (section 5) and they are no longer included in the normative part of the document (they are not requirements). There is a strong suggestion that users of the Impacts Code should begin to develop their own list of impact issues using the list in Section 5. The list has also been modified as a response to many comments on what should be included.
  • We have included a requirement that users must provide public information about their monitoring and evaluation programmes
  • Section 8 (Defining the Intended Change) has been re-organised to make it more understandable. The requirements are centred on describing the intended change from the standard(s), and describing how the different strategies will encourage use of the standard(s). Then developing indicators for standards and for strategies.
  • Section 10 (Evaluation) now distinguishes between ongoing (internal) evaluation, outcome evaluation, and impact assessment. There are specific requirements for each type of evaluation (for instance, public reporting is not required for ongoing evaluation).


Research Meeting at ISEAL Conference

ISEAL is holding its annual conference June 22-24 near London (St Mary’s University, Twickenham). June 22 is set to be a public day, for organisations, businesses, and individuals interested to find out more about social and environmental standards systems and current and future developments. Kristin Komives (ISEAL Monitoring and Evaluation Manager) and I will be leading a set of workshops directed to researchers who have an interest in social and environmental standards systems. This is a follow-up meeting to one held in Amsterdam on Feb 11 2010 where we focussed on finding ways to co-ordinate between ISEAL members, researchers, governments and others in order to increase the breadth and improve the quality of research into voluntary standards systems. If you are interested to attend, please visit the conference website for more information.


Next Steps

The final draft of the Impacts Code is now posted on the Impacts website. This is the version that will be provided to the ISEAL Board of Directors for review (and perhaps approval) at their board meeting on June 24, 25th. Please take a look at all the comments received; let me know how you feel about my responses:


ISEAL Impacts
Issue 06
June 2010

Monthly Newsletter on the Development of the ISEAL Impacts Code
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