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President’s Report
By Terry Horgan, 404-934-5508

Please join me in congratulating Jennifer, Maureen and their APS redistricting task force for all their efforts in protecting the boundaries of the E. Rivers school district. Atlanta Public Schools is proposing to re-build E. Rivers to accommodate the required capacity to keep the existing community and IB feeder system in tact. Thanks to all that gave your time and effort to such a critical cause that benefits the future of our children and our community. Here is a link to the APS website’s reports and maps.

A&R was selected for the traffic study portion of the Selig neighborhood improvement projects and they have agreed to come to the next meeting to field any questions about that study. Anyone with concerns or questions should make time to be there as we intend to proceed soon after in order to get traffic counts while school is still in session to best represent the traffic loads.

The Beltline Westside Study Group met February 27th to review the transit initiatives to provide direct connectivity West to East thru the city. They proposed two alternative routes North Avenue and 10th St. The vote was unanimous to use the North Avenue route due to conflicts with infrastructure accelerating the cost of the 10th St. route. I encourage anyone interested in taking the Beltline tour to better understand the scope of this project and its impact on the development of our community and city. There is also an upcoming 5K run in Tanyard Creek Park on April 28th called the Northside 5K. Here is a link to register if you are interested.

As the weather warms up and the buds begin to poke thru the soil, BPNA is planning a Spring Picnic April 1st noon - 5 p.m. in the White’s Yard at the corner of Antone and Forrest. Our own Barry Sermons is planning the bands and performances for the day, so contact him at if you are interested in participating or have suggestions. Please join your neighbors in bringing a covered dish to accompany Chef Ron Horgan’s master grille work and libations by surprise appearances. This is a great chance to get outdoors and meet your neighbors new and old, join the neighborhood association and/or get involved, review information on community improvement projects, bring your children to join in the games, and eat drink and be marry. Contact Jim Martin if you want to volunteer to help out,

Our next meeting is on March 20th, so make sure you join us at the Senior Center at 7 p.m. I look forward to seeing you all.

NPU-D meeting
By Jim Martin
We had a bit more going on at the February 28th NPU-D meeting than at other recent meetings. Development, or at least the ambitions of developers, appears to be picking up in our area.
We deferred two of the business items on our agenda pending more information from the applicants. These were an application to rezone to old Georgia Steel site next to the waterworks for mid-rise apartments and an application to modify the zoning conditions on the Georgian Hills apartment complex on Collier Rd.

We voted to approve the proposed CDP (comprehensive development plan) future land use map (FLUM) amendments in the Beltline subarea 8 plan and to conditionally endorse the plan itself, which was amended on the day of our meeting. The condition of our endorsement of the plan was the removal of the LU-4 land use recommendation. This had already been removed from the proposed CDP amendments associated with the plan, but remained as an explicit plan recommendation. The reason for that we were uncomfortable with this was that it implied a preemptive endorsement of the proposed Georgia Steel rezoning although there are still many unresolved issues with that, and it is something that we may wish to deny later this year. The latest draft of the Beltline plan, which is only slightly different from its predecessor. The most significant change that is proposed for Berkeley Park will be that the FLUM designation attached to the single family homes at the eastern end of Bellemeade will be returned to “single-family residential” after it was erroneously changed to “medium density residential” during the Northside Drive planning effort eight years ago. The erroneous change, if it had remained in place, would have encouraged more of the sorts of Techatorium developments that we have been working to discourage.

We voted to approve the live-work rezoning of the old dog food factory near the corner of Collier Rd and Chattahoochee that we had deferred in January. Since we last reviewed it, the plan for this site, involving the construction of live-work apartments on the foundation of the old factory and the construction of a new building adjacent to it, had changed significantly. The proposed new structure had been reduced in size and moved away from the stream on the southeast boundary of the site following initial meetings with the site development folks in the bureau of buildings. These meetings and the new plan gave the developer reasonable confidence that he would actually be allowed to build the thing that he was proposing to rezone for. From the standpoint of the NPU it was always the viability rather than the contents of the proposal that was the issue.

There has been a recent up tick in development activity along Howell Mill road. In addition to the two Beltline SAP (special administrative permit) applications that I reported on in January, I received a 3rd application in February for the assemblage that is currently the used-car lot and the Bell Street Burrito restaurant at the corner of Holmes and Howell Mill. An Advance Auto Parts store is proposed for this location. Although it is not the sort of use that we need to see more of in our area, the built form of the lot will offer several advantages over its current configuration including wider sidewalks and a landscape buffer on its eastern edge where it adjoins the Burtons’ house. Unfortunately the construction will also involve the destruction of the three mature hardwood trees on the site. The plan does not propose to bring the empty lot to the south, which is currently on the market separately, into the assemblage. It is unclear what the future might hold for that lot, since it seems to be too small to be viably redeveloped by itself. My comments to the planning bureau on this SAP application are linked here.
Next NPU-D meeting: Tuesday, March 27, 7:30 pm 
Agape Center, 2351 Bolton Road, NW
Spring Festival, Sunday, April 1

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