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President’s Report
By Terry Horgan, 404-934-5508

We had an excellent turn out on Sunday for volunteering to prepare and deliver Senior Dinners. Berkeley Park partners with Underwood Hills to provide four course meals with beautiful flowers donated by Florist Atlanta. Our seniors look very forward to this as Tawn Chi and her family have done this for 18 years and with Ron Horgan’s help is now doing it twice a year. It makes me very proud to see us come together for such a great cause to honor our seniors that helped make our neighborhood what it is today.
I understand that the Food Truck Park on Howell Mill is back on track. I am hopeful that a representativewill be at our next meeting to talk about it. Watershed Management has completed the water repair work on the Moores Mill Bridge and it is my understanding that the road repair work is finished.
As for the Selig projects, I assume A&R is in the progress of documenting the results of their traffic study. Jim has 3 benches and 3 dog poop-bag dispensers which were paid for by city grant money. We will schedule a board meeting to approve the expenditures for the concrete slabs to install those. The additional signs are in the works. Jim Martin is in communication with the city about the sidewalks and can hopefully give us an update at the next meeting.
In March of 2012, the Atlanta City Council approved the Beltline master plan for Subarea 8. The final digital copies are available from AECOM, which are now on their new website. I was honored to serve on the Subarea 8 Planning Committee and this master plan is the result of many years of work which will govern future development in our area. Please take time to familiarize yourself with it; I will bring a hard copy to the next meeting. I think you will share my pride in our piece of paradise knowing the City supports the smart growth reflected in this plan. And if you haven’t yet become familiar with the Beltline’s trail and park work at Tanyard Creek Park that will eventually connect to Berkeley Park, it is very worth a visit.
The BPNA’s Fall Pig Roast is planned for October 13th unless we hear from Barry otherwise. If you have missed these events in the past you are missing a great opportunity to meet your neighbors in a fun casual environment filled with great food, libations, and entertainment while getting involved with your neighborhood association.
Our next meeting is on June 19th, so make sure you join us at the Senior Center at 7 PM. I look forward to seeing you all.

NPU-D meeting
By Jim Martin
I missed the May 22ndNPU-D meeting because I was traveling for work. Beijing is lovely at this time of year, but Hong Kong is hot and humid. In my absence NPU-D Vice-Chairperson Karyn Hudson ran the meeting. The group was fortunate to be joined by Atlanta Police Chief Turner. Chief Turner was accompanied by a retinue of police officers including his Community Liaison, Alice Johnson. They discussed a several topics including the rash of thefts from cars and how important it is not to leave things of value visible inside of locked cars. They reminded the group about the Smart 911 program, in which individuals provide information about themselves that will be relevant to first responders, and this information is relayed via the 911 system when there is a call to the associated address. Chief Turner also described the new Georgia metal recycling legislation, which has placed new restrictions on metal recyclers and requires them to register and report information to a state-wide data base. This is intended to curb the gutting of vacant buildings for copper pipe and the theft of air conditioning compressors for scrap. The group was also joined by representatives from the Atlanta Fire and Rescue Department who reminded everyone about the upcoming open houses on June 9thamong other things.

There were two business items on the May NPU-D agenda and one quasi-business item that materialized at the last minute for unknown reasons. The quasi-business item related to the Midtown West apartments. This is a run down apartment complex off of Marietta Blvd across the street from Buckhead Beef. It was foreclosed by its lenders who are now its owner/operators. They are seeking a buyer. This complex has been a nexus for crime in the area for some time as the abandoned units (more than half of the total) have drawn looters looking for scrap metal and other unsavory characters seeking shelter. The current owners are having trouble selling the property for top dollar because there is a HUD restriction on the deed requiring it to be operated as low-income housing until 2014. This restriction also precludes demolition of any of the structures. They asked HUD to remove the restriction and were rebuffed, so they came to ask that the community support their request when it is repeated. Most of the discussion of this seemed to focus on the propriety of doing NPU business by passing a resolution without any prior notice as this is not consistent with our usual practice. Those present seemed to believe that the resolution was unambiguously in the best interest of the community, although this was not at all clear from the information that was presented. The proposed demolition would not be permitted until the property was first sold, which would both introduce long delays and require an unidentified new owner, with a greater motivation than the current owner, to correct the problems with the site. In the end, the group voted their support, which translated to a vote to add this item to the June NPU-D agenda.

The other two business items were a request for a parking variance and an application for a liquor license. The parking variance request was for the Family Dollar store, which is currently located on the east side of Marietta Blvd near the intersection with Bolton Rd and would like to relocate to a site on the west side of the street. Their relocation is required because the Moores Mill shopping center that they are currently located in is scheduled for redevelopment. We had denied this application in March because the applicant was not present and had previously been rebuffed by the Bolton Neighborhood Association, although they did not show up for our March meeting to explain their position because of a procedural misunderstanding. This time they arrived with a new plan, a parking study, and the grudging support of the Bolton neighborhood. The debate on this focused on whether the issue was only parking, which everyone seemed to agree was adequate, or whether the use itself, which no one much liked, was also an issue. In the end, the majority formed their decision based solely on the sufficiency of parking and the variance was approved. The liquor license application was for Monday Night Brewing, an enterprise that our Berkeley Park neighbor, Joel Iverson, is a partner in. Joel and his partners intend to open a micro-brewery at 670 Trabert Ave next to the waterworks. The NPU approved their license application for this unanimously.
While I was out of town in May, the three benches that the city bought for our beautification project arrived. These were paid for with city grant money whereas the rest of the beautification project will be funded with a portion of the funds pledged to the neighborhood by Selig Enterprises. These three benches are intended for installation around Fire Station 23. They are currently sitting disassembled in my garage, but I hope to get them installed at the firehouse in the next month or so. If possible, I would like to coordinate this with a neighborhood cleanup day as there are some other beautification tasks around the firehouse and the rest of the neighborhood that need taking care of.

The first of the Selig funds was also released in May so we can now move forward on the beautification, traffic study, and sidewalk projects. The new neighborhood signs for the beautification project have now been paid for, and we are awaiting their fabrication. Hopefully, we can coordinate their installation with the installation of the new benches. The sidewalk project is also moving forward. We finally received a second response (actually more like response 2.4) from the city on our request for the new sidewalks. They deemed their first response, which had taken them several months to formulate, to have been factually incorrect. Although hopefully correct now, the new response was ambiguous on several important points and we are awaiting clarification on those before moving ahead with the project.
Next NPU-D meeting: Tuesday, April 25, 7:30 pm 
Agape Center, 2351 Bolton Road, NW

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Fire House - Station 23

Thank you to all who attended and supported Fire House 23 Open house.  The children seemed to have a great time meeting the firemen and sitting in the truck and the adults enjoyed mingling with their neighbors and testing out the new neighborhood bench.

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We just signed on Chickfila, Subway, and some vendors from the Food Truck Park. We also added guitar lessons and 2 car wash services to the list of businesses.
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