Spring Fling May 22, 1-6 pm at Urban Tree Cidery
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President's notes

Hi neighbors-

Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner, which means our Spring Fling is almost here! Please join us on Sunday, May 22nd from 1-6pm at Urban Tree Cidery for our BPNA Spring Fling! We will have food provided by Field Dog Kitchen, live music, kids station, and of course, delicious cider and beer provided by Urban Tree! $15 for BPNA members with 2016 paid dues, $20 for non-residents/members, and $40 for families with children under 10.  

Our next BPNA meeting will be Tuesday, May 17th at Urban Tree Cidery beginning promptly at 7pm. We look forward to seeing everyone there!

With the warmer months upon us, criminal activity has a tendency to rise. As always, please remember to keep an eye out in the community for suspicious behavior or activity. Please do not hesitate to call the police at the slightest uneasy feeling. Always be aware of your surroundings and the people in it.

See you on May 17th!

Victoria Hurd

Mark you Calendars

BPNA Monthly Meeting
Third Tuesday of the month,
7:00 p.m. at Urban Tree Cidery

NPU-D Meeting
Fourth Tuesday of the month, 7:30 pm 
Agape Center, 2351 Bolton Road, NW
All NPU Residents Welcome

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Spring Fling

Urban Tree Cidery Sunday May 22 from 1-6 pm
Food Truck Field Dog Kitchen
Cider or beer provided by Urban Tree Cidery
$15 for BPNA members with 2016 paid dues
$20 for non-members and
$40 for families with children under 10
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NPU Report

By Jim Martin

NPU-D: The April 26th NPU-D meeting was pretty uneventful. We had two business items on our agenda. One was a parking exception to allow for the adaptive reuse of an industrial building on Defoors Hills Road as loft offices. Everyone seemed to like the project and the shared parking arrangement with the church next door looked like a win-win as the times associated with maximum parking for each site should not overlap. We unanimously endorsed the exception. The other business item was an ordinance to permit additional signage in C-4 commercial districts. The ordinance was on our agenda because it was technically city-wide in nature, i.e. it would apply to all C-4 districts regardless of their location. However, there are currently only two of these districts in the city, downtown and Atlantic Station, and neither of these is in NPU-D. Therefore, we unanimously decided not to take a position on this ordinance in order to defer to the will of the NPUs that will be directly affected by it.

In addition to the business on our agenda, we also dealt with some off agenda business by endorsing a resolution calling on the city to use any means necessary to acquire the Chattahoochee Brick property for public green space. The issues with this property were reported in last month’s newsletter. It was not clear why the resolution was introduced at the regular NPU meeting rather than being introduced at the executive committee meeting two weeks earlier so that it could have been included on the agenda. Concerns were raised over the propriety of dealing with it in the way that we did, although the consensus opinion seemed to be that it was a matter of sufficient urgency to warrant prompt action and we were not prevented from taking such action by our bylaws.

NPU Grants: We installed the remaining benches that the city bought for us with the first-round of NPU grant money during the BPNA beautification day on April 23rd. We still have two dog-poop-bag dispensers from this grant that are ready to install. We are also expecting another bench, a trash can and two bike racks from the second round of grants to arrive fairly soon.

QT Update: The only thing that has happened with regard to the QT since we lost our appeal before the BZA on April 7th is that I was contact by a staff attorney with Fulton Superior Court to schedule the hearing of our other appeal of the special exception that was granted to increase the permissible parking on the site.  I will be traveling on the date that she first proposed, so I do not yet know when the hearing will be.

Zoning code update: There will be additional meetings at which the planning office will discuss its plans for updating the city’s zoning code. The first of these will be on the evening of May 18 at 7:00 at the Passion City Church at 515 Garson Drive. The second will be at the Atlanta Metropolitan College at 1630 Metropolitan Parkway on the evening of May 26. These meetings are follow-on meetings to the meetings that were held in January and reported in the February BPNA newsletter. In the first set of meetings planners discussed what could be done. As I understand it, the upcoming meetings will involve their presentations of what should be done. I don’t know whether or not there will be a third set of meetings to present what will be done, but any actual changes to the zoning code will have to come before the NPU before they are enacted.

Streets Alive: 2016’s first Streets Alive event was held on April 17th. On that afternoon it was possible to walk or bike on streets closed to cars all the way from West End to Grant Park, which was pretty cool. I tried to recruit some folks from Berkeley Park, but ended up going there alone. The next Streets Alive event will be part of the Atlanta Cycling festival on June 12 from 4:00 to 8:00 PM. It will involve the closure of Peachtree St from Decatur St downtown to 17th St in Midtown. This will be a much shorter route, but should offer a much livelier street frontage and will be easily accessible from Berkeley Park as both Howell Mill-Marietta-Decatur and 10th street are designated bike routes.

Monthly Meeting Minutes

April, 19 2016, 7:00 PM – Urban Tree Cidery
By Hollie Meyer
  1. Victoria welcomed everyone and thanked Urban Tree Cidery for allowing us to meet
  2. March 2016 minutes were presented
    • Josh motioned to approve the minutes, Jacob seconded; approved by the group
  3. Spring Fling
    • May 22 1-6 pm at Urban Tree Cidery
    • Food trucks and cider, live band and kids events
    • looking for volunteers
  4. QuickTrip update
    • BZA hearing was April 7 and appeal denied against BP
    • Can appeal to Superior court within 30 days of hearing
    • Parking appeal is still pending and could fight on liquor license
    • Will motioned to "allow the board to make a decision based on our knowledge of moving the case forward with the filing costs up to $600, along with 2 of the 3 appellants agree to move forward." Margaret seconded with 20 approved, 0 opposed.
  5. Beautification Day
    • Saturday, April 23 9am-1 pm
    • Install benches, weed cleanup, trash pickup
    • Love your city - provide low risk non-violent inmates for community service.Possible assistance with next clean up day.
  6. Other Business
    • Slowdown signs - City website and request a sign, deliver to you
    • White vacant building on Forrest and Howell Mill, turn into architect offices.
    • Membership Drive
    • Trees Atlanta - need places for 30 trees

Community News


BPNA Beautification News and Cleanup day

Thank you Jennifer, Shawn, Fiona and Liam Whaley, Kevin Barnes, Will and McKenna Crick, Jim and Tim, Roy Hinshaw, Chris Henderson, Barry, Victoria and all the neighbors who came out to help clean up the neighborhood.

We placed two new benches on Howell Mill, cleaned up unsightly trash, cut overgrowth, planted hostas and ground cover along the steel fences, Andrew put in place a number of years ago. The area around the Forrest minipark now has a more manicured appearance.  Best of all, we all enjoyed some neighborly camaraderie, pizza and drinks. Special thanks to Will who dug over 100 holes for plants around the steel fences, Kevin and Chris who cut overgrowth and branches, Roy who planted our hostas and Jennifer and her family along with Kevin who   dug out some very clogged drains and raked leaves.   We plan to landscape around the new benches in another clean up along with working with Trees Atlanta to plant trees to continue to beautify our neighborhood.

And talking about trees.... some good things do come along with the bad -for example, the large tree that fell and broke the windows at Jimmy Johns last Saturday, also took with it one large limb that had lodged itself near top of the lovely magnolia that graces the front lawn of   the halfway house at top of Verner.   Although somewhat bent near the top, this magnolia will now have a chance to grow erect. Also thanks goes out to Braxton Motors who spread dark brown wood chips between the crepe myrtles that were planted months ago. Let's hope our neighborhood continues to improve in appearance. We have some plans for overgrowth ‘cleanup' on Bellemeade and Howell Mill with assistance from the city. Thanks again neighbors for all your assistance! Fondly, Margaret.

Kind regards,
Margaret Camac
Public Works - Recycling Tips

Earth Day Every Day, was the theme for Cartlanta’s Earth Week celebration.  Sustainability Day wrapped up a week of collecting plastic bags, cell phones, clothing, and paper for shredding.  Cartlanta provided reusable shopping bags to the first 400 customers in City Hall’s Café 55 to encourage patrons to use reusable bags instead of single-use plastic bags.  It is estimated that the United States disposes one billion plastic bags every year.  If these bags are not recycled, they are sent to landfills and take a considerable amount of time to degrade. In addition, these bags can often and end-up in trees, streams, rivers, and eventually the ocean where sea animals may ingest or become entangled in them. 
Plastic bags are made from petrochemicals, the mining of which creates its own environmental impact.  Inspiration Green estimates that the petroleum needed to produce 14 bags would fuel a car for one mile.  There are other options than using plastic bags. Using reusable shopping bags is an easy and cost effective solution.  Some municipalities have relied on plastic bag bans to reinforce the use of other environmentally friendly options.  Join Cartlanta and celebrate Earth Day Every Day.  
For more information, visit:  www.atlantaga.gov/recycling

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