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Third Tuesday of each month 7 p.m. at the Senior Center

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Saturday, Oct 20
On Forrest St between Antone and Berkeley.
1:00-5:00 p.m.
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President’s Report
By Terry Horgan, 404-934-5508

We are now accepting nominations for the 2013 BPNA Elections for new Board Members, which will be held at the November monthly meeting. See the note below on how to make your nominations.
A&R is working on the Final Draft of the Traffic Calming Plan. Once this plan is complete we will vote for a consensus, then proceed to get City support. Many neighbors wanted to hire a consultant to design a Master Plan and it was voted down because of cost. When Jim and I met with Peachtree Hills, to get insight on their traffic calming process, they said it was important to them from the beginning to look at beautification and sidewalks all as part of traffic calming. They indicated any asset to the neighborhood like old growth trees, stone walls, existing sidewalks, etc. on their master plan so they were incorporated and traffic calming bump-outs fell where a sidewalk may need to go around an old growth tree. I know Chandler had problems with continuous sidewalks because of some of this. I am in the process of compiling a plan that combines the three Selig projects in one place. I think we have enough expertise in our midst to form a committee to survey the neighborhood and incorporate all our assets on this Master plan so we can revisit our options for funding the traffic implementation. One suggestion is to leverage our existing funds by finding matching grants. I am hopeful our many accounting savvy neighbors will consider helping with that.
I neglected to follow protocol last month with the variance vote, so we need to vote again on the variance for 808 Verner Street in accordance with our by-laws.
Thanks to those neighbors that stepped up to join the Neighborhood Commercial District. William Jungman will be putting together an agenda with his committee for the progress of forming this NCD.
BPNA’s Fall Pig Roast, October 20th will be held on Forest Street between Antone Street and Berkeley Avenue from 1-5 pm.  Volunteers needed to help with the event.  Contact Barry Sermons or Ron Horgan for information.
The December meeting typically takes place as a neighborhood holiday party. The date and location will be announced at a later date.

Our next meeting is on October 16th, so make sure you join us at the Senior Center at 7 PM. I look forward to seeing you all.

BPNA Election Time

It is now time to make nominations for the BPNA Board of  Directors. The Board of Directors consists of seven Members, the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and three Members elected from the Membership at large. Please make nominations by emailing the Election Committee at with the name and contact information of the person being nominated. 

Nominations will close on November 9th. At the Tuesday, November 20th BPNA meeting the election will be held.
For more information on the responsibilities of each position please see Section 5 of the BPNA By Laws.
Only residents with 2012 dues paid are eligible to vote.  Members can complete the form online and pay via PayPal or checks made out to Berkeley Park Neighborhood Association, and submitted to Nina McCormick, 811 Verner.
BPNA September Meeting Minutes
By Hollie Meyer

1. Terry announced the board elected elections committee.  Members include Chandler McCormack, Patrick Brady, Andrew Crawford, Jenny Cockril and Ron Horgan. Submit your nominations for new board
members to one of these individuals. Elections will be held in November.

2. A&R presented their traffic study revisions and calming options to the group. There was much discussion among the group on what would be best for each street.  Once the neighborhood agrees on an equitable plan, we can revisit our options for funding.
A&R revisions include:  
· Moving the “no left turn” sign on to Holmes from Howell Mill, south bound, to the traffic light arm.
· Installing raised median, right turn only lane to prohibit traffic going straight onto Holmes
· Installing chicane on the hill between Buchanan and Tallulah of Holmes, creating alternating parking bays. Alternate to the chicanes, is chokers w/ speed bumps
· Installing a raised median to fix flexible delineators on Northside to prevent illegal turn onto Holmes
· Half closure east of Flip Burger on Verner
· Half closure on Antone, east of potential commercial property
· Half closure on Berkeley, east of potential commercial property
· Alternative for Berkeley and Antone, installing chicanes or alternate chokers and speed humps for narrowing
· Speed humps on Forest and Tallulah
· Textured crosswalks at all way stops
· Add signage at entrance points
· Much discussion on where half closure should be placed on Antone and Berkeley.  And the idea of chokers and speed humps instead of half closure.
· Temporary measures can be done and need to be approved by the city

3. Variance requested for 808 Verner Street for the addition of a garage and second story to the west of their current home.  Motion to approve and accepted.

4. William Jungman discussed the process of developing the Neighborhood Commercial District plan.  This plan will determine the types of commercial usage around our area.  William will work in tandem with Underwood Hills so the specifications will be similar amongst the area. William asked to establish a committee: Jim Martin, Chandler McCormack, Jason Burton, and Dwight Glover.

5. Selig project updates – concrete slabs will be poured soon, and then followed by the installation of benches. A neighborhood cleanup day will be scheduled around the same time. Additional neighborhood signs are in the works and should be installed about the first week of October. Jim Martin is trying to make contact with the city for answers on the sidewalk quote. 

6. The pig roast schedule for October 20 is looking for a new space.  Terry is going to call the relator of the formally used site, to see if we can have access to the land for that afternoon.    
NPU-D meeting
By Jim Martin

The NPU-D meeting on September 25th was a long one. It ended close to 10:00 PM and broke our recent string of short meetings. The primary reason for this was a very long discussion with three representatives from QuikTrip, who presented their plans to build a gas station in the block of Howell Mill between Defoors and Chattahoochee where the brake shop and the car wash are now. There was a good turnout of neighbors from Berkeley Park and Underwood Hills who were interested in this. None of them seemed particularly enamored of the plan that was presented.

The QuikTrip plan seemed far enough out of line with zoning requirements that it is not likely to survive the scrutiny of city staff without significant modification. They are proposing to put the island with gas pumps between Howell Mill and the store to its west, whereas the zoning overlay does not permit parking or gas pumps between the building and the street. There were several other zoning problems with the proposal, but this was clearly the biggest. The rationale that they offered to justify this configuration was that it was difficult to configure a gas station for this site, which seemed comparable to asserting that their use was not well suited to the site. Oddly, we all seemed be in agreement on that point, although most of us perceived this as a problem with the proposal rather than a problem with the site.

The QuikTrip folks were not required to present their plans to NPU-D. They are hoping to develop the site with only administrative approvals (i.e. not to need our endorsement) although they would undoubtedly like to have it rezoned in order to accommodate their plans. There is currently an industrial/commercial zoning boundary running through the middle of the four-lot assemblage on which they want to build. At the meeting, the QuikTrip folks said that they had come to find out what the community thought about their plans. Whether they actually cared about our opinions or only wanted to gauge community opposition to a plan that did not conform to zoning, and might require some political muscle to secure permits, was not clear. It is possible that they will base their ultimate decision on their perception of community sentiment among other, mostly economic, factors. Thus, it would be useful for us to express this sentiment to them in the least ambiguous terms possible. I suggest that BPNA takes a position on the QuikTrip proposal at our October meeting, and that anyone concerned this separately endorse that position in writing. By doing this, we will have documentation that we can present to QuikTrip and to our elected officials before anyone at the city inadvertently green lights this project. A draft of this statement is linked here.
The QuikTrip was not the only item on our agenda. In an ironic twist, one of our other business items was a beer and wine license application for the BP station that is being constructed at the corner of Ellsworth and Chattahoochee. This site is also in the Beltline zoning overlay, but, unlike the proposed QuikTrip, it is very well suited to its intended use and was permitted without community opposition. It is industrially zoned and surrounded by land with similar zoning and compatible use. It is easily accessible from two little-used side streets. It is adjacent to an intersection that is seldom gridlocked and adjoins two proposed road-extension projects (Huber and Old Chattahoochee) that will improve its accessibility if and when they are built. The BP project was designed to fit its oddly shaped site, in contrast to the QuikTrip project, which we were told would be the “type 3” store. The BP guy (Shams Nanji) was critical of several features of the Quiktrip proposal mostly related to truck traffic and deliveries to the site. We approved his license.

In other business, we voted to readopt our current NPU-D bylaws for next year without alterations. We unanimously approved the special use permit for the food truck park on Howell Mill with the condition that they limit amplified music during church services across the street. And we unanimously voted to defer the rezoning application for the old Georgia Steel site. This time, unlike the other recent deferrals of this application, we voted to defer it until February so that we will not have to defer in repeatedly in the intervening months as it is scheduled for a ZRB hearing in March. Some folks have speculated that the applicants may be getting ready to throw in the towel on this a since we have not heard anything from them in several months. They may just be waiting to see if the real estate market picks up before their option on the site expires.

In October, we will have at least three zoning cases on the NPU-D agenda. One of these will be Barry and Margaret’s setback variance for the addition that they are planning to their home at 808 Verner. We unanimously approved this at our BPNA meeting in September, and should reaffirm that decision in October in order to remain consistent with our bylaws. We will also have a similar setback variance application for an addition to a single-family home in Underwood Hills. The big case for the October agenda is going to be a 10-acre rezoning application in Riverside. This is for the site of the planned Burtz Street  development project that went bankrupt several years ago. The site has been vacant since then. Rather than building along the lines of the original proposal, which was for live-work town houses, the new owners would like to develop the site as pseudo dormitory apartments for foreign exchanges students.  There are many potential sources of controversy with this proposal, not least of which is the request for a ridiculously dense zoning to accommodate it.

The beautification project is moving along. At the end of September we poured the pads for the new benches. Before the October BPNA meeting, we hope to have the first of these benches installed at the fire station and the order placed for the rest of the benches. At the October meeting, we can discuss the schedule for the landscaping projects in the areas around these benches.

The sidewalk project has taken another odd turn. Although the Department of Public Works has still not responded to inquiries made in June, they have begun constructing some of the sidewalks that we had asked for quotations on along Tallulah at the Senior Center. It is not clear whether the is coincidental (perhaps they had been planning to do it anyway) or whether our initial request brought to their attention a segment of sidewalk that they should have been planning to do anyway. In either case, having the city do this on its own dime will stretch our sidewalk dollars further if/when we can the Department of Public Works on board with our other requests.

Next NPU-D meeting: Tuesday, October 23, 7:30 pm 
Agape Center, 2351 Bolton Road, NW

Community and Surrounding Area Information

Berkeley Park Enters the Challenge for the Beltline 10K
Please come join us on December 1, 2012, for the Beltline 10K Neighborhood Challenge. We will travel (walk or run) through 6.2 miles of new trail being opened for the Beltline, lined with local Art talent. Several neighborhoods are being represented throughout the City, so please come and represent Berkeley Park.
4 steps to complete your entry, under the site:
(1) Create a profile
(2) Register for the Race, pay for your fee
(3) Join the Berkeley Park team
(4) Send me an email at  I will then know to go into the site and  "accept" your team position. It should be a lot of fun, a great way to support the movement towards "Atlanta's Healthy Lifestyle Movement", and show Berkeley's Park's support of the Beltline.

Please call me if you have any questions or need any help with the site. Look forward to sharing the event!

Linda Alcott has graciously agreed to chair a team.  If interested and for more information, contact Linda at
Additional information can be found online.

Free Neighborhood Resource:  PEDS Online Hazard Reporting Tool
It's Fall, the perfect time for walking in Atlanta neighborhoods. But broken sidewalks, faded crosswalks and dysfunctional signals can make your stroll less than safe and pleasant. Residents can take action by reporting such hazards directly online using PEDS' Hazard Reporting Tool. For more information please contact Larissa Bradburn,

Membership Committee

by Barry Sermons

The all new Berkeley Park Mobile Shoppers Club. This is a Smart Phone Friendly website and now a Mobile app - with information, videos, coupons, discounts and community updates  (a great perk for business sponsors) we have new businesses coming on board each month to offer exclusive discounts. We will launch a mobile App (iphone and android) soon share pictures of neighborhood watch, code violations, fun in action, get coupons for local merchants and get important neighborhood alerts directly pushed to your phone.

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If you have an opinion or need input from others, use forum to discuss issues related to Berkeley Park .

You will need to be a member of either Yahoo group in order to send and receive emails. To join go to or  and clicking on the "join" button. If that doesn't work for you, please send Hollie Meyer an email at to let her know that you want to be add to the discussion list.

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Berkeley Park was originally a farm owned by John Whitley. It was developed in 1921 and until 1995 was a part of Underwood Hills neighborhood . That year, Berkeley Park residents formed their own organization and called it the Berkeley Park Neighborhood Association.

In order to vote on issues at meetings, you must be a dues-paying member of the association. 
Effective January 1, 2009, BPNA membership is $20 per person (up to 3 adults per address are eligible to become members), and $10 for seniors. To join the association, attend a monthly meeting and pay dues to the treasurer, Nina-Daniela McCormack, or the president, Terry Horgan . If you cannot attend a meeting but wish to join, or for more information, email us at Click here to fill out the form and pay online.

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