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September 17, 7:00 p.m.
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President's Notes

Dear Neighbors,
Short note this month on a few upcoming events this fall:
Oct 5 (9am) - Please join your neighbors on Hands On Atlanta day for another neighborhood work day to work on the Forrest & Berkeley mini-park. Margaret Camac sent out details on Tuesday.
Late October - Fall Neighborhood party, details to come.  We are seeking someone to help organize it.
Have a great September and best of luck to your favorite football team, unless they are playing mine.

NPU-D meeting
By Jim Martin

The August-27th NPU-D meeting was very well attended. There were about 100 people there, whereas we normally don’t have more than 20 or 30. The issue that seemed to have drawn people in was the proposed residential rezoning of the APL truck yard on Marietta Road in Bolton, which we had deferred in July. The applicants for this rezoning were Steve and Adam Brock. They were requesting to rezone this property from its current industrial designation to a Planned Development Housing (PDH) district similar to the zoning for the adjoining Dupont Commons and Adams Crossing developments, which were earlier Brock projects. Most of the new folks at the meeting seemed to be from the Dupont Commons development. They were eager to see it replicated next door and seemed convinced that this would enhance their property values. This was remarkably similar to the turnout of folks that we got from the M-West development when Winter Properties proposed to rezone industrial land next door to it about 8 years ago. In both cases, the story told by the developer was that the new homes would be similar to the older homes and sell at a higher price thereby enhancing the value of the older homes. At M-West, things did not work out that way and the new homes sold below the price of the older homes bringing their value down instead of up. Perhaps things will be different this time. That seems to be what the 88 people who voted for this rezoning believed. There were only two of us who voted against it. The folks who supported the rezoning did not read ahead on the agenda and left in mass after the zoning vote. Thus when we got to the CDP amendment that was also required to permit this rezoning, it passed by a narrower margin of 16 to 2.

We had two residential subdivisions on our agenda, both in Riverside. This along with the rezoning activity is a good indication that the construction of single-family homes is picking up again after a long lull.

We approved a liquor license application for La Urbana tequila and mescal bar, which will be opening in the old Slice pizza location in the Perrenial development at the corner of Huff and Ellsworth. It will feature Mexican food along with a large selection of gourmet tequila, which should be interesting.

We heard about a variety of events that are scheduled for the next month or so. Notable among these are “Food That Rocks” at Food Truck Park on October 5th, “Parktoberfest” at Whittier Mill Park on October 12th, “West Fest” at the Agape Center on September 15th, and “A Really Good Strut” (a fashion show) at the West Side Provisions District on September 6th.

We had expected to finally hear the long-deferred rezoning case for the old Georgia Steel site next to the Waterworks in August on the 2nd anniversary of the original application for this rezoning. However, a few weeks before the meeting, the applicants again requested a deferral so that they can continue discussions with the Department of Public Works (DPW) about widening the east end of Huff Road. We voted to defer this case until October in order to give them more time for this.

In September we will have two variance applications. One of these is for the renovations at the West Side Market which are currently underway. We endorsed an SAP plan and approved another variance for that project several months ago. The other is a parking exception for one of the Selig buildings on Permalume Place off of Chattahoochee in order to accommodate a fitness center.

I have received an SAP application for the construction of a Jimmy Johns sandwich shop on the empty lot next door to the Advance Auto Parts on Howell Mill. Overall, the plan looks reasonable, but contains several flaws. Notable among these are a huge incursion of paved parking into the required transitional yard buffering the residences to the east, a clear cutting of boundary trees along the southern property line and in the southeast corner of the site, and two curb cuts onto Howell Mill Road. The more northerly curb cut is immediately adjacent to the curb cut for the auto-parts store and could easily be replaced with inter-parcel access. I have not yet completed my comments for the Planning Bureau on this application, so I will include them in next month’s newsletter.  Plans for the Jimmy Johns site.

I have not heard any updates on the lawsuit that I filed in Fulton Superior Court to overturn the BZA decision granting a special parking exception for the QuikTrip, which that has been proposed at the corners of Chattahoochee, Howell Mill and Defoors. The QuikTrip folks have not yet received a Beltline SAP approval for their plan. Thus, regardless of the parking issue, they do not have zoning approval and can’t move ahead. If they are able to win an SAP approval, we will have a second opportunity to take this case to the BZA by appealing that decision. If they do not win an SAP approval, then they will have to give up there plans.

With all the rain in August, we did not get much done on our neighborhood beautification projects, although we did not have to water any of the new plantings that we installed in July. Our next beautification work day has been scheduled for October 5th, Hands-On Atlanta day. Then, we will again focus on the Forrest Street mini-park and the right of way along Forrest Street. If we get enough volunteers, we will also be able to do some landscaping around the senior center and/or the fire station, but we will need to focus our efforts on Forrest in order to fulfill the requirements of the LYB grant. The city has announced another round of NPU grants with an application deadline on October 1st. I have not heard any specific ideas for the use of this grant money ($3,700) for neighborhood beautification. Suggestions are welcome.

In August we made some small progress on our sidewalk project. Felicia Moore has arranged a meeting to discuss this with the leadership of DPW on September 18th. Whether or not that meeting results in real
progress remains to be seen.

Next NPU-D meeting:
Tuesday, September 24, 7:30 pm 
Agape Center, 2351 Bolton Road, NW

Monthly Meeting Minutes

By Hollie Meyer, Secretary
Meeting called to order my Will Jungman
Beautification update: Thank you to all who helped with the mini park cleanup day. One more workday planned for mini park near Forest, Saturday, Oct 5.
NC Zonning: Will and Wyatt, from Underwood Hills, are meeting in the next week to review comments and start moving forward with the process.
Barry Sermon and lawsuit: The Appeals Court went in favor of Sermon’s regarding the use of their driveway.
QT update: Jim Martin has filed a suit against the ruling of the Quick Trip variance.
Stop Signs: Many stop signs around the neighborhood have trees growing in front of them.  Will will contact Public Works to have them trimmed back.
Senior Dinner: Ron Horgan and Tawn Chi are planning a Senior Dinner for this fall.  Watch for a date to be announced.
BPNA Fall event: Late October for a possible pig roast. Looking for location and confirmation of dates.  The event is still in need of an organizer.


Beautification Committee

Neighborhood work time again—October 5

If you have the time, we would appreciate assistance with the beautification at the Forrest Street mini park and general clearing of weeds in our neighborhood on Saturday, October 5. We plan to start at 9:00 at  the Forrest Street mini park. Please bring shovel and rakes, etc. with your name on them.

Pizza and drinks will  be provided!
Thanks, Margaret

Church Anniversary

The Sanctuary Village of Power, Inc. and its leaders, Pastor Kemel Brown and CoPastor Angela Callaway, would be honored to have the neighborhood residents send words of proclamation and celebration in honor of their ministry's 2nd Church Anniversary. The anniversary celebration will be held September 29, 2013.
We appreciate your time and consideration as well as, of course, your camaraderie in the endeavor to benefit and better the neighborhood and the residents within it. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at the number below.
Mary Brown
Exec. Administrative Assistant

The Sanctuary Village of Power, Inc.
1671 Howell Mill Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30318

P) 678-948-7867

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