October meeting at Urban Tree!
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Want to get involved with Berkeley Park?

Board elections will be held in November and we are looking for neighbors to run - president, vice president, secretary, treasure, and 3 at-large board members. Position is a two year term.

Information about the BPNA board and by laws can be found on our website.

Email info@berkeleypark.org to nominate someone or yourself for the board. Nominations will be taken through October 31.
Fall Festival

Sunday October 23 at Urban Tree Cidery

Watch Facebook and signs around the neighborhood for additional information.
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Neighborhood Cleanup
Saturday, Oct 22

Fall Festival
Sunday Oct 23 at Urban Tree

BPNA Monthly Meeting
Third Tuesday of the month, 7 p.m.
Urban Tree

NPU-D Meeting
Fourth Tuesday of the month, 7:30 pm 
Agape Center, 2351 Bolton Road, NW
All NPU Residents Welcome

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Must be a paid member to vote in November
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NPU Report

By Jim Martin

September NPU-D meeting: Despite a very full agenda and a slightly late start, we were able to wrap up the NPU-D meeting on September 27th before 9:00 PM. We amended and adopted our bylaws for next year, endorsed a rezoning, a special use permit, a special exception, two zoning variances and a liquor license as well as passing two resolutions and hearing a special presentation. We also deferred action on two cases that we will hear in October. Unfortunately, our promised presentation from the Atlanta development Authority, which was reported in the September BPNA newsletter, was an unexplained no-show.

We unanimously adopted our bylaws for 2017 with the two amendments that were reported in the September BPNA newsletter. Our amended bylaws, have been submitted to the planning office. These amended bylaws will not take effect until January; however the two amendments address issues that the current bylaws were silent on. Because of this, we began operating according to amendments immediately as we coincidentally had the opportunity to do. AT the end of our meeting, we heard a presentation by Justine Schwartz with the Emerald Corridor Foundation about an Opportunity Zone application that she intends to submit for the Hollowell commercial corridor. She had contacted me about this in August, and I had forgotten to list it on the draft agenda for September, which should not have been an issue since we routinely have presentations that are not listed on our draft agendas. When she contacted me about it again after the draft agendas had been advertised in September, she mentioned that she would like a letter of support from the NPU. The matter then became a business item rather than merely a presentation. As such, it was also time-critical as the application was due before our next meeting in October. This was precisely the scenario that one of our bylaws amendments was intended to address. Having passed that amendment at the beginning of the meeting, we then voted to provide a letter of support for the application after Justine’s presentation at the meeting’s end.

One of the things that helped move our agenda along was the fact that four of our zoning cases were all related to the same project – a proposed mixed-use development on Marietta Blvd in the Bolton neighborhood, which was a pretty complicated rezoning with two zoning classifications, a special use permit for outdoor dining, and several variances and exceptions. We voted on all of these in a single motion and approved them with conditions by a vote of 20 to 0 with 1 abstention (me). My objection to all of this was that we rushed to act on it, with no reason for haste and plenty of good reasons to review it more carefully. We will see the applicants for this case again in October, because I forgot to list the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) amendment that was tied to the rezoning on the September agenda. We are also likely to see them later on regarding the abandonment of a public street that bisects the site.

We unanimously approved two of our other business items. One of these was the liquor license for Jason Sherman who intends to open a restaurant at the corner of Berkeley and Howell Mill, which we also endorsed at the September BPNA meeting. The other of these was a parking reduction for an antique store that will be moving into an existing building on Defoors Hills Road in Underwood Hills.
We deferred action at the applicants’ requests on a liquor license on Huff Road and on the appeal that has been filed against the Special Administrative Permit (SAP) that was granted for the Masquerade to move to Fairmont Ave in Blandtown. This appeal was recently amended and the applicant intends to request a deferral of its hearing before the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA). This will not be a business item for us as appeals are only referred to the NPU for review and comment.

Beltline: September was a busy month for the Beltline folks. The Beltline Tax Allocation District Advisory Committee (TADAC), met in a special meeting on September 19th to provide recommendations regarding the use of funds from the proposed issuance of TAD bonds, which was reported in the September BPNA newsletter. Those recommendations are linked here. Noteworthy for our area is that one of them is to fund planning for Waterworks Park, which was not included in the draft project list provided by ABI (Atlanta Beltline Inc). The other newsworthy event in September was the resignation of Ryan Gravel, who conceived the Beltline, from the board of the Atlanta Beltline partnership over issues of equity and social justice. In particular the Beltline seems to be falling well short of its stated goal to provide affordable housing while creating gentrification pressures on several neighborhoods along its southern edge. The resignation was reported by the AJC.

The basic problem with the original concept of funding the Beltline with a Tax Allocation District was that the proponents of this scheme sold that project as a way to cure all of the city’s ills. That we should now be addressing both the competing priorities that this has created and the inadequacy of the funding mechanism to pay for even a small portion of the stated vision, seems like something that someone should have foreseen.

Streets Alive: Another great Streets Alive festival was organized by the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition (ABC) in Virginia Highlands on September 25th. Several of us from Berkeley Park made it over there to participate. There will be another of these festivals on Peachtree Street on October 23rd.  More information is available at http://www.atlantabike.org/, where you can also join ABC and sign up for their newsletter in order to help promote similar events throughout Atlanta in the future.

Monthly Meeting Minutes

By Hollie Meyer
September 20, 2016 – Urban Tree Cidery
  1. Victoria welcomed everyone
  2. Meeting minutes – August 2016 minutes were presented
    • Jim motioned to approve the minutes, Dwight seconded; approved by the group
  3. Bernie Tokarz – MoreMarta
    • Representing City of Atlanta Board of Transportation
    • Upcoming referendum Nov 8 for capital investments for city of Atlanta; ½ penny for 40 yrs
    • $5 -$7 billion in projects with January new buses, technology, streetcar
  4. Jason Sherman – Restaurant/Liquor License
    • 1523 Howell Mill Rd, street food cantina, small footprint (35 seats)
    • 5-7 menu items, fresh ingredients, margaritas and beers
    • Jim motioned to approve their liquor license, Dwight second, approved by the group
    • Estimated opening end of February
  5. Elizabeth Hollister, Howell Mill Community Improvement District (CID)
    • Board meeting set for the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 11 am at Cooks & Soldiers.This is a public meeting.
    • Will start working on projects once their funding arrives in December
  6. Fall Festival
    • Location: Urban Tree Cidery
    • Date: to be determined
    • Emily and Lacy will be gathering items for the raffle and looking for other volunteers
  7. Beautification – Will and Jacob
    • Create Google doc for list of ongoing projects for the community.Anyone can add and spearhead tasks.List is at http://berkeleypark.org/bpna/planning/
  8. Other Business
    • Board elections and by-law changes will be voted on in November. Ad hoc committee needs to be set.
    • Emily will take over website, newsletter and social media for the neighborhood


See projects that need to be completed, items that need fixed or have a vision for the neighborhood?  List those ideas on the BPNA project work schedule.  As members of the community we can work together for the betterment of the neighborhood one project at a time.

BPNA Project Work Schedule

List out the project, location, volunteer to be a project lead and suggest a time line.  Members of community can view the schedule and offer up their assistance.   Watch for updates in the monthly newsletter.

A volunteer crew is being put together for Saturday, October 22.  Neighbors are also encouraged to sign up for other projects and coordinate times to complete. If you can help on October 22, contact Will Paschal or email info@berkeleypark.org.

Community News

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