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Items in the May Newsletter

Mark you Calendars

BPNA Monthly Meeting
Third Tuesday of the month, 7:00 p.m. at Senior Center (1705 Commerce Dr NW)

NPU-D Meeting
Fourth Tuesday of the month, 7:30 pm 
Agape Center, 2351 Bolton Road, NW
All NPU Residents Welcome

Waterworks Park Event
Wednesday, May 21 at Monday Night Brewing
(790 Trabert Ave)

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Pictures from the Chili Cook-off

Website Help Needed

The BPNA website needs an update and moved to a new server. 

If you have experience in either moving data between servers, designing websites, or are interested in maintenance and information of the BPNA site, we would love to hear from you!

Send your name and email to Hollie Meyer.

President's Report

I've really enjoyed my time as president, but the time has come for me to leave Atlanta for a bit for graduate school.  I'll be heading to Philadelphia to get an MBA, but I'm keeping the house because I plan on coming back in two years.  Jacob Burton will take over as president and I will conduct my last meeting for the BPNA this month.
It was great to see many of you at the chili cookoff at Monday Night Brewery.  This month, we have another great event there: the Atlanta Waterworks Friendraiser benefiting the Friends of Atlanta Waterworks (a Park Pride organization).  This event will kickoff community efforts to see this premier spot re-opened as a public greenspace after being closed for nearly 20 years.  We could have a greenspace as large as 130 acres right here in our neighborhood, but we need you to come out and support this effort.  I'll be speaking at the event along with some local real estate developers.  There should be representatives from the Beltline, City Council, and Park Pride there as well.  You can buy your tickets in advance here:
I've loved this neighborhood and it's been a privilege to serve you.
As you may have heard, there was a shooting at 800 Forrest St on April 24.  Here is a letter outlining the event and how the neighborhood is moving forward.

Also, there is an online journal to log police calls, code violations, or other communications you have with city officials regarding the safety of the neighborhood.  If you have trouble accessing the log, contact Dwight Glover.

Beautification Update

Thank you Victoria and Andy for organizing the Neighborhood Clean Up on Saturday, April 26.
Among our caring neighbors were Jacob and Lindsey, Jim, David, Dwight, Rustin, Maureen, Carol and Kevin Barnes. Specifically they mowed the overgrowth of grass on Howell Mill, planted azaleas and other plants at the Forrest/Berkeley mini park and picked up trash on Forrest Street, Berkeley Avenue and Antone. Afterwards, pizza and beer was enjoyed on the Hurd's back deck.

It was a glorious day to work outside and we encourage others to help when we plan another Neighborhood Beautification project. Many thanks to all who helped. We are hopeful the bench pads will be poured soon for the new benches that we plan to set up in and around Berkeley Park.

Regards, Margaret

Sign up for NextDoor

Several of the area neighborhoods are using a private online network called NextDoor.  Berkley Park has its own feed for neighbors to share community events, recommendations, items for sale/rent, crime reports, other neighborhood updates, and more. The local police zone is also using this as a way to stay in touch with the neighborhoods.

When you sign up, you can restrict the messages to just Berkeley Park or include Underwood Hills, Loring Heights, etc.  Join today and help build community networking, share local recommendations and see what others are doing around the area.
NPU-D and BPNA Updates

By Jim Martin

The NPU-D meeting on April 22nd was relatively quiet. We could have wrapped things up pretty early if it had not been for a very lengthy presentation by a group seeking our endorsement for a charter school. No one seemed eager to either give that endorsement or to explicitly deny it, so people asked a lot of questions instead. Many of these questions and all of the answers that they elicited were pretty lengthy. Finally, we voted to table to matter so that we could move on with our agenda.

The first business item on our agenda was the ordinance regarding public works of art on private property that we deferred in March so folks could read it through prior to voting on it. Not surprisingly, no one actually seemed to have done that and this made the discussion fairly confused. First we voted 5 to 7 with 7 abstentions not to endorse the ordinance. Then we voted 9 to 11 with 1 abstention not to oppose the ordinance. Then we voted 12 to 9 to endorse it after all.

A second ordinance regarding accessory uses and structures at public schools yielded some interesting discussion. We had previously heard that this was intended to permit sports leagues to use school athletic fields, which might otherwise not be allowed pending the decision of a zoning appeal. As it turned out there were a few other interesting twists to this story. Our planner stated that public schools are generally immune from the strictures of zoning in the same way that railroads are and that this was really at the heart of the problem. No, including him, one seemed to understand why writing zoning code to restrict schools that are inherently exempt from zoning was a good idea. What most people really seemed to be concerned about was not the potential accessory uses, but rather the accessory structures. In concept, schools could use their zoning immunity in the same way that railroads do to permit cell-phone towers in residential areas where they are otherwise forbidden and thereby generate revenue. The ordinance was believed to somehow preempt this by more narrowly defining the strictures on these that might or might not actually apply if something like this were attempted. We voted 17 to 1 to endorse it. My vote was the 1, as it concerned me that the ordinance as written might give rise to a false sense of security.

We had two zoning cases on our agenda. One was for a mixed use development on Trabert Ave in Loring Heights. The site is in NPU-E, but it is within 300 feet of the NPU-D boundary, so it was referred to us also. The development looked nice and had already won the conditional endorsement of NPU-E, so we voted unanimously to reiterate that endorsement. The second zoning case was for the parking exception associated with the proposed medical offices at the site of the Russell Image Processing building on Howell Mill Road, which we had endorsed at the March BPNA meeting. We voted unanimously to endorse this exception after a brief discussion.

We had one liquor license on our agenda, which was a change of agent request for Quality Wine and Spirit in Underwood Hills. They are a wholesaler who had been to us a few months earlier for a new-business license, although their business was not actually new, only its name (or more specifically the association of that name with the existing business) was new. We unanimously endorsed this application in order to preserve our liquor-friendly reputation.

Neighborhood Cleaning
We had a very good turnout for our neighborhood cleanup day on April 26th. We did some landscaping at the mini-park at Forrest and Berkeley, cleaned up the west end of Forrest street, cleared the sidewalk at Holmes and Buchanan, installed a new dog-poop bag dispenser in front of the senior center, picked up trash throughout the neighborhood, and consumed much pizza and beer. At our next cleanup day (date TBD), we will install the four new benches that the city bought for us. Those are currently sitting in my back yard.

April was another month without progress on our sidewalk projects. I emailed Commissioner Mendoza about this again. He replied that we would receive an update, but I have not yet actually received that update.

QT Zoning
April was not a good month with regard to the QT zoning case. We had been waiting since December for Judge Campbell to issue his ruling on this. On April 17th our attorney, Brian, told me that the delay in issuing this was not a matter of concern. On April 23rd, he informed me that the order against us had been entered on February 24th, meaning that the deadline to file a notice of appeal had already elapsed. Apparently, the court did not notify him of this action as it should have. In order to pursue this, we must now file a motion to request that the case be reconsidered and the order re-entered. Brian indicated that such a motion (an appeal of an appeal) was unlikely to succeed. I find this deeply troubling, since the failure to notify me about this seems to represent negligence on the part of a public servant and/or on the part of a very expensive attorney whose only obligation was keeping me informed regarding the case. I see no reason why the only penalty for this negligence should be suffered by the parties who are not at fault. I have another attorney looking over this now, and I am waiting to hear his recommendation regarding the appropriate course of action. If anyone in the neighborhood has knowledge or expertise in such matters, their input is welcome.

Neighborhood Zoning
In April the Underwood Hills neighborhood association began considering the proposed NC zoning district along Howell Mill Road in our area. This effort has not moved forward in about a year, and it is way past time that we do something about it. Currently, our next step seems to be communicating our desire that this be done to Felicia Moore’s office so that she can prod the planning bureau into organizing a meeting of the affected property owners and then introduce the relevant legislation. A draft of that legislation, which I think is the most recent version. In order to move ahead with this, we do not need to support every detail of this draft. Input from the planning bureau and from other constituencies will affect the contents of the final legislation. We will be given ample opportunity to have more input on it as the process moves ahead. The important thing at this point is to convey our desire that the process move ahead and to support the spirit and intent of the legislation proposed in this draft. We can do this by way of a resolution at the May BPNA meeting. This approach (i.e. legislation) can only work proactively, if we wait until something we don’t want has already been permitted, we will be out of luck and have no one to blame for this but ourselves.

Monthly Meeting Minutes

By Hollie Meyer, Secretary

April 15, 2014 – Jungman House
  1. Special exception application – parking – for 1415 Howell Mill Rd
    1. Jessica Hill proposed a parking exception from 42 spaces to 28 spaces for a new construction. An eye doctor surgical office will building a new 2 story office building, approx. 1300 square feet.
    2. Jim Martin motioned to approve parking variance with a few conditions that have been discussed (outside furniture, greenery around transformer, and building signage).
  2. Website
    1. Website needs to be updated and information moved to a new server
      1. Looking for volunteers to help with moving servers and redesigning the website. If interested, contact Hollie Meyer
  3. Chili cook-off Debrief
    1. 4 or 5 chili’s entered, Clark and Hollie’s chili tied for best chili
    2. Final numbers are not in, but should make a profit
  4. Waterworks event
    1. Planned for May 21 at Monday Night Brewery, more information to come
  5. NC Zoning
    1. Waiting on Underwoods Hills for updates and approval to latest revisions
  6. QT
    1. No update
  7. Beautification and Clean up days
    1. Concrete pads for new benches going in soon
    2. Clean up day – April 26. Need a wish list of cleaning locations
    3. Bellemeade Ave may be a cleanup day all by itself
  8. Forrest Street speeding and trash
    1. Residents on Forrest are having issues with speeders, parking, and littering from the music studio. Calling cops on a regular basis to report violations.

Where in BP?

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#2 - May

#1 - April - Buchanan Street

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