This is the next strategic step towards making BioLamina’s premium products the leading brand for cell culture. The new price helps make LN-521 the most robust and economically sensible feeder-free culture system on the market
Due to higher cell yield and faster growth rate, the cost for matrix (dark) and medium (light) per cell for an average passage is lowest for LN-521, compared to other feeder-free matrices. Together with the key benefits listed above, the LN-521 culture system saves both time and money. READ MORE
The price reduction applies to both our popular LN-521 stem cell matrix as well as our other laminins intended for other cell types. Please view the full list price in our web shop.
For a cheap and easy evaluation of which laminin isoform best supports your cells, LAMscreen provides you with all our different laminins in small volumes. We hope the lowered price will increase the large amount of new cell applications even more in 2017.
Are you interested in using laminin in a larger scale?

We currently have a fresh batch of LN-521 aliquoted in 5ml vials that will be offered first come, first served. Contact for special offers and interests in larger use of our laminins.  
Kind regards,
Jesper Ericsson, PhD
Director Marketing & Sales
Mobile: +46-73-980 5686
*  This product is currently only available as prototype material and will be distributed as a sample.
** LAMscreen includes 20 ug of LN-121 that is provided as a free sample in the kit together with the 7 other listed isoforms above.

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