Recent study takes hES derived liver cells
a big step closer to therapy

Dr. David Hay and co-workers from the Medical Research Council Centre for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Edinburgh present ground-breaking results for hES derived hepatocyte differentiation on human recombinant laminin-521 and laminin-111. The results are significant improvements compared to any previous published data, especially regarding metabolic activity and functional organization.

The laminin cultured hepatocyte-like cells:
  • significantly increased metabolic P450 enzyme functions relative to human primary hepatocytes and cells cultured on Matrigel
  • arranged themselves to form lobule like structures with positive staining for MRP1 and MRP2, capable of biliary efflux

MRP1 staining on laminin.
Courtesy of Dr. Katherine Cameron
This highly efficient, defined differentiation culture method provides an important step towards therapies for patients with liver damage. The study is published in the journal Stem Cell Reports.
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