Biorelevance is about emphasizing on biology and the study of nature to achieve reproducible protocols and phenotypically stable cell cultures. Mimicking the matrix proteins deciding cell destiny in vivo, is one of the most important aspects.

At one time or another, almost all cells in our bodies are in contact with the basement membranes. They are pivotal for anchorage, migration, cell fate decisions and phenotype stability. Laminins are key molecules in the basement membranes. They influence cell-signaling cascades triggering all cellular responses. Per today, 16 tissue specific isoforms are identified.
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Neuron, 2015: Neural Cell Lineages
PNAS, 2014: Hepatocytes

Laminin applications


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The BioLamina laminin technologyTHE BIOLAMINA LAMININ TECHNOLOGY

BioLamina offers cell culture matrices mimicking natures own, providing the only laminins that are the original, full length, recombinant laminins on the market - making cell culture easy, reliable and repeatable

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