There are 16 known isoforms of Laminins, cleverly named after the three chains that make up the cross like structure of the protein e.g LN521LN511The Laminin isoforms are cell type specific and by matching the cell type with its corresponding isoform you can create a stable environment for your cells to maintain and expand the culture. 

Human Pluripotent Stem Cells

Several recent articles prove LN521 to be the superior matrix for cultivation of hESCs and iPSCs.


Wu & colleagues demonstrate that LN521 is optimal for cardiomyocyte diff from hiPSCs /Nature Methods
  • Only LN521 maintained long-term adhesion (>15d) during cardiac differentiation
  • Generates the highest number of cardiomyocytes compared to 5 other matrices

Neural Cell Lineages

LN421, LN221, LN511 & LN521 are the main laminin isoforms expressed in the brain neurogenic zones 

Endothelial Cells

Endothelial cells, making up the vascular network, express LN411 and LN511

Epithelial Cells

Epithelial tissues are enriched with LN332 and line surfaces & cavities of the body

Pancreatic Islet Cells

Initiation of β cell differentiation & insulin production is dependent on LN411, LN511 and LN521

The Original Laminin Company

Laminins are essential proteins when recreating cell niches in vitro. By using the right type of laminin for every cell type, you can maintain and expand not only stem cells but all types of derivatives even primary cells. BioLamina is the only producer of full length human recombinant laminins.
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