Reliable stem cell culturing now very cost-effective!

BioLamina has optimized the use of Laminin-521 as a stem cell matrix and decreased the price in conjunction to scale up of the manufacturing process. BioLamina’s matrix is therefore truly cost-efficient.

The long-term value also pays off scientifically - the LN-521 matrix keeps your cells in a natural environment similar to the blastocyst and therefore does not force genetic changes, but instead keeps your cells karyotypically normal for over 130 passages! One hundred and thirty passages! Evaluate our technology and contact us now to optimize cost and quality.

DMSO-free, defined and cGMP cryopreservation medium

FREEZEstem™ is a novel cryopreservation medium optimized for sensitive human cells. Even though it is DMSO-free, xeno-free and defined, it supports better post-thaw cell-survival for human embryonic stem cells than competitors. And it is optimized for singe-cell culturing!

Therefore, FREEZEstem™ fits well with our single cell 521-based stem culture technology, while it also works for other human cells like mesenchymal stem cells and fibroblasts.

Easy cell culture even easier with Pre-coated 521-plates

521-TO-GO™ are pre-coated human recombinant Laminin-521 plates with similar excellent functional properties as the Laminin-521 in solution. Cells keep their pluripotency, expand 10X in four days and can be cultured as single cells without ROCK inhibitor without karyotypic changes.You can even derive new cell lines with it!

Now you do not even need to coat your plates and at the same time keep you cells in a biorelevant environment. Contact us now to learn more about 521-TO-GO™.

Meet us at ISSCR, booth 408

ISSCR is the meeting for great science and scientists within the stem cell space. The BioLamina team appreciates this fact and is sponsoring the event once again.

Come visit us at Booth 408 and discuss how our technology could help your science with
Dr Kristian Tryggvason and Dr Jesper Ericsson. If you can not make it this year, just drop us an email or call us!
  Make your order on the spot and we offer a 15% discount.

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