Our human recombinant Laminin-521 is rapidly becoming the new standard for easy and reliable pluripotent stem cell cultivation. The past few months our laminins have been published in Nature, Nature Struct Mol Biol, Cell Stem Cell Reports etc as you can read here. BioLamina was also recognized by WIRED as one of Europe’s most innovative companies.

Standardized single-cell passaging of hPSCs
assures experimental accuracy in less time

BioLamina offer tools for single stem cell cultivation and preservation which ensures a more standardized workflow for flexibility without mistakes.
  • Laminin-521 is a medium-independent, biorelevant culture substrate solving all basic stem cell culture problems
  • Together with single-cell optimized FREEZEstem you can work and cryopreserve your cells with full control at all culture steps.
Read more about single ES/iPS cell culturing on our homepage

Successful expansion of hPSC-derived hepatoblasts published in Cell Stem Cell Reports

In a study led by Professor Mizuguchi, BioLaminas Laminin-111 has been shown to be an optimal matrix for hepatoblasts. Taking us one step closer towards industrial and clinical use of liver cells:
  • Purify the population of hepatoblast-like cells on Laminin-111
  • Expand efficiently on a defined and biorelevant matrix for several months
  • Increase safety on this laminin isoform that selectively maintains hepatoblasts while eliminating residual undifferentiated cells, which only survives on hPSC Laminin-521

BioLamina one of Europe’s most promising startups

In the November issue of Wired (UK) BioLamina was listed as one of Europe’s 100 most interesting startups. We are proud to share the list with innovative app-developers and creative web-concepts.
Are you curious about the innovations behind BioLaminas stem cell matrices that have been recognized all over the world? Take a look at our homepage to learn all about it.
We look forward to seeing many more Life Science related companies make their way to lists like these, where we belong. 

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