Thank you for purchasing our human recombinant laminins! As a sign of gratitude, we would like to reward your loyalty. As a customer you are granted an end of the year offer before everyone else! Order now and use the code BLNOV11 to get your discount!

Laminins are large complex proteins creating specific niches for different organs and cells. We have become better in manufacturing laminins and will therefore decrease the prices with 30% from the beginning of December.


Human ES cells grow twice as fast on the biorelevant Laminin-521 as compared to Matrigel

1. Biorelevance - Many researchers are trying to mimick a special cell niche. Laminins are the only matrix proteins creating a stem cells niche. Laminin-521 supports pluripotency and is expressed by the developing embryo!

2. Reliability - Inability to repeat results due to technical problems is now over. Human recombinant laminins are defined and will allow you to repeat your experiments in the same way over and over again.

3. Ease of use - With laminin-521 you can passage your stem cells as single cells using an enzyme like trypsin and just replate. Instead of waisting your time with practical hurdles, you can concentrate your energy in creating exciting scientific results.

We have constantly been trying to improve our product portfolio, our quality and to decrease costs. Your opinion as our customer means a lot to us. We really hope that you take some of your valuable time in order to help us to help you!


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