The program is now set for the Symposium on June 23 and the available spots are quickly running out so be sure to secure your participation here:

Samuelssonsalen, Karolinska Institute, Solna (Stockholm),
Starting at 8:30 am

Program speakers include:
- Dr Luigi Warren
- Dr Anna Falk
- Dr Claudia Spits
  - Dr Sergey Rodin
- Dr Karl Tryggvason
- Dr Quasim Rafiq
  - Dr Allen Chen
- Dr Kate Cameron
- Dr Agnete Kirkeby
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Improved Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Attachment and Spreading on Xeno-Free Laminin-521-Coated Microcarriers Results in Efficient Growth in Agitated Cultures
Dr Steve Oh published the first paper on microcarrier-based, large scale cultivation of hPSCs with Laminin-521. 


Exciting new protocols for improved differentiation and expansion are now being developed in the labs of Drs Dave Hay, Malin Parmar and Dave Williams. 
- Dopaminergic neurons
- Liver cells
- MSCs

We look forward to welcoming you to our hometown during ISSCR.

Please see some of the posters being presented at ISSCR here. Come by to discuss our science and to get tips for the best cocktails and sightseeing in Stockholm!
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